Valorant – Introduction to eSports Betting

The game VALORANT is a popular FPS developed by Riot Games that many CS:GO veterans will be familiar with. Although both games have similar gameplay, Valorant also features agents who have distinct abilities, and they are inspired by other games like Rainbow Six Siege. The game can be challenging to master, regardless of your experience level. Players should practice for a while before taking on “real” enemies.

The game’s classic mode has the two groups of 5 players who face each other in rounds. There is an initial buy-in of 30 seconds and a 1:40-minute active stage. The attackers must place the Spike or eliminate any enemy to be victorious. At the same time, the defense must stop the Spike from being destroyed by either removing the attackers or disarming it when it is placed.

How to Play Valorant: Gameplay

Agent Selection

Every time a game kicks off, you have to select an agent. Every player has to pick their agents. Choosing an appropriate mixture of classes is advised to improve your chances. While you can win using for example five Duelists, it’s not the ideal solution.

Buy Phase

After loading the random map, you’ll begin as the attacking or defending team. Before starting a round, you need to purchase skills or buy weapons. Your performance determines the amount of currency you can earn. Therefore you may not have the best equipment for each round.

In the initial round, you begin with just only one weapon and one sidearm. You need to earn credits to purchase better guns and skills. Help your team members when they’re low on credits. You can also buy guns if they’re in need (if there are the funds). Of course, wins will earn you the highest amount of credits.

Round Start

If you’re the attacker, your objective is to eliminate opponents or plant or detonate the Spike. And  you’re a defensive player, you must remove the attackers from the scene or stop them for a long time. Also, if they the Spike is planted, it is still possible to win if you gain control over the Spike again. You have one hundred seconds to execute your plan.. Therefore, communication is crucial.

How to Play Valorant: Tips and Tricks

There are a variety of maps available in Valorant, and additional maps and agents are constantly added, making the gameplay always feel fresh. The fundamental goals are the same regardless of which map or agent you use. Here are some suggestions and strategies to assist you in winning more games when you’re a novice:

Planting/Defusing Spikes

The goal is the one you should be focusing on first. While taking out the opposing team can also win you the round, an evil, unprepared team fight could end your chances of winning a game. You must focus on the goal even if you want to take out your opponent.


Make use of being on the ground at a high level and clever angles to take your opponents off guard. It is known that the time-to-kill is extremely short in Valorant, which means that getting ahead of your enemies is an enormous advantage in battles.

Ability to adapt: You need to adjust to the opponent’s team and the composition of your team in all situations. A similar style of play may not work for every game, so players must concentrate on different situations.


It is vital to communicate with your teammates to maximize your chances of success. Valorant teams must work together, if you cannot cooperate and support your teammates, you’ll never be successful on the field.

Combine Your Abilities

Specific agents can team up and create awesome combinations. You can also mix abilities with your weapons. Make the most of your ability to smoke and disrupt to get an edge.

Steady Your Aim

Running and shooting have been a significant problem on the battlefield for a long time, but it has received some nerfs recently. When you fire while you’re sprinting, it will still be challenging to shoot at opponents.


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Understanding Roles in Valorant

Riot Games has created four different roles for each agent in the game. Here is a brief overview of how each class works. Be aware that specific agents may be able to fall into multiple categories due to their versatility.


“DPS” class can deliver quick frags within rounds. Duelists of all kinds can compete due to their offensive capabilities. Jett is the most well-known duelist and the favourite of the top professional duelist.


Initiators can break up fights and provide teams an edge when a battle breaks out. They can break open areas or block opponents to gain the advantage of tactical strategy. Sova is among the top Initiators you can pick up if you wish to take the Initiator route.


Sentinels are about keeping zones in place and strengthening the zones. Sage is an excellent sentinel to choose from since she’s an iconic support character that can revive teammates. She can also build walls to block off areas.


If you want to control the battlefield and direct combat, then the controller class may be the right one. Controllers help teams implement strategies by blocking areas using smokes and dispersing the opponent’s team. They can be pretty challenging when you don’t plan against them.

You can look through the kits of every player in the game to gain more information about their equipment.

Top Valorant agents for new players


The Sage is a friendly character who is simple to play and highly efficient. Also Sage is a healer who can replenish her own or the health of her allies. Walls are easy to utilize and, together with the slow orb, will allow enough time to summon backup.


The Brimstone can assist his team by using Smoke and Stim beacons. And Brimstone offers a distinct advantage to novices since his smokes are simple to set up, and several can be delivered at once.


Jett is a duelist. Jett’s gear is simple, making it a popular choice for new players who are still learning the game. Jett is a very mobile character who can place herself in various angles, taking the opponent off guard and offering quick selections. Jett is very fast, which allows her to exit certain tricky situations. It’s an excellent choice for novice players.

Best Valorant players

Grim – The pioneer in Battle Sage Grim, who transformed into an aggressive character who is supportive by his off-angle and slick walls.

Seoldam – A mechanically skilled Radiant player known for his precise aim and rapid reaction times that reveal Jett’s best potential.

Boaster – The leader in the game of Fnatic, Boaster is one of the most Valorant competitive players worldwide. Boaster often teaches the stream of his game by sharing his thinking method in games of a radiant level that allow you to grow just by watching.

Hiko – If you like the true goal and incredible map-reading skills, Hiko should be your preferred choice for learning the game and, specifically, Sova as an agent.

TenZ – Z is a god of Valorant, and his speed for flicks/aim is unbeatable when playing competitively. If you’re looking to experience what it’s like to take the game to its max, check out his game’s stream.

Additional strategies to get ready for Valorant

Her are a few tips on how prepare yourself for your first Valorant game. Using them will make it much easier for you toget into this exciting game.

Work on your aim

With a fresh mouse in your palm, use the aim training tool “r” to practice your headshots, flick shots, and shorten your reaction time before stepping into the competitive arena of Valorant. (Hell, while you’re at it, you might even win some stuff.)

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Valorant is the most recent game launched by Riot Games Company. The game is a combination of the well-known FPS along with Battle Arena. It is a sandbox game like CSGO, Overwatch, and Apex Legends.

Even the open beta phase’s launch attracted more than 150,000 players and also broke the views record within the Twitch platform.

Valorant will become one of the biggest eSports games. Valorant betting is going to become interesting as well. Let’s talk about what the future is going to be. 

How to bet on valorant

Because Valorant is a relatively new game, the esports world hasn’t seen many live events. But it’s moving in the right direction. Recently, Riot Games announced the world’s largest Valorant tournament, First Strike.

Types of Valorant Bets

Although it is still a relatively new market, esports betting sites have already started offering a wide array of betting choices. Numerous options are available, some of which provide tremendous value to those willing to take a chance.

You could have fewer options for bets because Valorant is still relatively recent. Even while the Moneyline, the most common betting option, will always be accessible, you might find that there aren’t many other choices, especially for minor games.

Match winner

No matter the match’s playing format, such as BO1, BO3, or BO5, the match-winner is the person who succeeds.

Map winner

You can bet on the winner of the map when this is available. Because of this, you can bet on which team will win each of the three maps in a game.

First blood

Here you can bet on which side will score first blood in the round.

Spike plant

On some sports betting websites, you can bet whether the attackers will successfully plant the Spike in the next round.

Live bets

Some websites allow what is referred to as “live bets.” This will enable you to bet on specific events while they are happening. Will the player win this round or will the team be able to save the Spike are just two of many possible live bets.


The most common type of bet is a money line wager. Simply picking the team you believe will win the series is all that counts; everything else is irrelevant. Valorant is played in a best-of-three format, so the first team to win to games wins the match. You can bet on the entire series or single games.


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