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Fastest Spawnpeek Ever – Valorant Neon Gameplay

Valorant welcomes a new agent: Neon, who comes to prominence in the first act of episode 4 of Riot Games title. Kit and playstyle: we take a look at this new character.

The developers behind Valorant never stop adding content to their FPS, and two months after the arrival of Chamber, the terrible Neon has joined the list. An additional duelist whose speed is the key word, as her very dynamic kit suggests. Judge for yourself.

Neon’s Kit

Plot: The Filipino agent, Neon, rushes into battle at breakneck speed, releasing large bioelectric discharges as fast as her body generates them. She rushes forward to catch her enemies off guard and finishes them off as fast as lightning.
Class : Duelist
Basic Skill 1 – Relay Exposure
Instantly launches a beam of energy that bounces once. Upon striking each surface, the beam electrifies the ground beneath it with an explosion that stuns affected agents.
Cost: 100, 1 charge

Agent Analysis

Neon is clearly an agent looking to bring down her opponents. Her kit makes her the fastest and most mobile character in the game, and in Valorant, that speed is very important. We’re talking about a duelist like Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna and Yoru. Jett has been at the top of the meta for most of the past year, but with Act 4, Neon seems to have everything it takes to dethrone her.

Especially with her “Fast Lane” ability, which by deploying two projectiles in the desired location allows her to erect 2 walls of electricity along the way. The damage inflicted by these walls prevents enemies from entering the created corridor, while Neon and his companions have a generous seven seconds before the ability runs out. This seems especially effective for assaulting the bomb site. But Neon’s big specialty, as reiterated, is his speed. The “full speed ahead” skill is a crucial part of his equipment.

“Full speed” is a great tool for players who have an aggressive approach to their style of play. This skill is also perfect for rotation between venues. In addition to the speed generated by sprinting, Neon’s sliding can create a surprise effect and prove difficult to counter. Note that, although the agent cannot shoot while in “Full Throttle”, she can still deploy all her abilities. However, be careful, as Neon emits a slight beeping sound and leaves disappearing footprints on the ground, which can indicate her presence to the enemy team.

Let’s move on to his ultimate ability, which also deserves some clarifications. It is worth noting that his “Overcharge” uses the same fuel as Sprint, so it is quickly consumed if the two are combined. Neon starts with 40 “bullets” for his electric beam, but recharges after a short pause without firing. If you run out of ammo, Neon will do a short animation to indicate this. To avoid this short period of time where you are vulnerable, try not to let your ammo run out to 0. Each death fills the fuel bar by 20% and you won’t be able to do any crucial hits with this skill. The damage is the same no matter where you hit the opponent. One last thing: Don’t use Neon’s ultimate ability in any situation. The farther away your target is, the less damage you will do.

As you can see, this is an extremely aggressive duelist kit. It remains to be seen how Neon will fit into the meta, though we have very little doubt about her viability. At the very least, we see her at least rearranging the cards on the duelist side, which wouldn’t be bad for the overall diversity of lists.

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