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Esports Betting 2022 – Games & Bookmaker Guide

What is eSport?

The concept of eSport generally refers to the competition within various video games. The eSport sector is usually to be found via the game integrated Leagues, and is elevated by means of external Leagues and large tournaments, to a professional level. Electronic sport is mindful, above all, of making sure there is a balanced playing field and is subject to additional important rules which make the competition even more fast and thrilling. A variety of targets can lead to a victory in a computer game – whilst in Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena-Games the aim is usually the destruction of a building, with other games it might be about totally defeating the enemy, thereby collecting victories in individual rounds.

An important factor of eSport is that chance plays no role in the electronic sports world, and the player cannot control or change the maps on which the game is played. Victory or defeat are entirely dependent on the tactical measures of the player or the team.

The eSport world has moved into the limelight of public recognition over the last few years. Many young people now follow the tournaments or Leagues over their computers, or live in the hosting arena. In the schoolyard, or at work, e-Sport games are a hot topic of conversation. The popularity of eSports is proven by the numbers. A good example of this is League of Legends, which has more than 100 million active players. The League of Legends World Championship final had 43 000 000 viewers. The number of fans seems to grow at an unstoppable rate from day to day.

In 2010 came a major leap, when the bookmaker, Pinnacle, offered bets on a StarCraft 2 game. Since then, there has been a steady growth in the eSport betting market, and an increasing number of bookmakers now offer their clients this type of betting. In the last two or three years eSport has achieved such popularity that bookmakers focussing solely on eSports have seen the light of day.

What is the future of eSport? you may ask. For a while, eSport was considered for the Olympic Games, now a television broadcaster focussing solely on eSport is planned. It is hard to imagine that eSport will loose its place amongst the biggest types of sports anytime soon. The elation is almost impossible to describe when one sees that an arena the size of a football stadium, can be sold out.

On which eSport games is it possible to place bets?

The competition in an eSport game must be structured in such a way that there is a level playing field for the individual players or team – that neither side has any advantages or disadvantages. Instead, skill and tactical prowess are the decisive factors leading to victory or defeat. Additionally, eSport games need to be promoted and the news must spread, in order to build up a greater fan base. Large tournaments with attractive prize money are always hot topics amongst eSport supporters.

We have singled out the most popular games, which are to be found in the current offers of bookmakers

Counter Strike Global Offensive

League of Legends

Dota 2

Starcraft 2

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Call of Duty


Which competition types

Each game is different and events vary from game to game. Therefore there are only a few betting possibilities which are applicable to every game. In addition to winner and looser bets, the following can also feature

  • The Handicap bet
  • Over-under betting
  • Betting on the tournament winner
  • Betting on the winning team
  • A map victory bet
  • Exact final results

Even here, over-under betting has discernible differences from game to game. Whilst with FIFA one bets on goals, with Counter Strike one can bet on the number of rounds.

Along with these betting possibilities, there is also, as already mentioned the possibility to place more game specific bets.

  • Team wins at least one map
  • First killing/tower destruction/goal
  • First team with 10 killings
  • Team which kills the first dragon/Baron/Roshan
A tip on the side: Consider carefully the bets you wish to place, and don’t be too hasty. Many bets can be lost within a few seconds or minutes due to an unexpected decision

With which bookmakers can I place eSport bets?

Our portal introduces you to the best eSport bookmakers, with whom you can place bets on the most well-known games, already mentioned here. In our betting provider comparison, we present an analysis of each provider, detailing their pros and cons, and rating their overall portfolio with regards to their user friendliness for beginners. You can see at a glance whether you should place your future bet with bet365, Betway, Betser Sport, 10Bet, bet-at-home, Nordic Bet, or

We have compared these betting providers:

Only the best eSport bookmakers are ranked by us!

With our selection of individual bookmakers, we have striven to present not only the best eSport bookmakers , but have also gone out of our way to make sure that beginners in the realm of eSport betting, as well as experienced players, can find suitable offerings. Each one of our tested bookmakers have impressed our sports betting editorial staff, fulfilled all legal requirements regarding child protection, and have at least one valid licence , with which they can operate in the EU and in Germany. Our bookmaker assessments are carried out at regular intervals, so that we can always offer you the most up to date assessment of who the current best bookies are.

Is it legal to bet on eSports?

Electronic sport does not differ legally in the slightest from any other type of sports betting on the internet. Through various regulatory authorities, sports betting portals are granted licences and are thus able to offer odds online.

Of course, the punter must be of legal age, and must have provided correct personal data during registration.

Also, don’t be put off by the arising betting tax, which has been in force in Germany since 2012. The tax is deducted automatically from your winnings by your bookmaker of choice, without you having to bother about it.

Exceptions to this are providers such as Tipico who waive the 5% tax. It must be mentioned that you should sometimes take the odds offered by these providers, who incur the tax on your behalf, into consideration. Lower odds are compensated by the saving of the 5% tax, and in the end, amount to the same thing.

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