League of Legends –Introduction to eSports Betting

League of Legends is one of the most popular Free-to-play Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena-Games (MOBA) in the world. Since October 2009, over 100 million players have been controlling champions in Summoners Rift, and attempting to destroy the enemy team.

The developer, Riot, has been very influential in bringing eSport into the limelight. Besides Dota 2 and Counter Strike, League of Legends was most decisive for this development. Bookmakers also became aware of the game, after half the world was talking about it, and tickets for events sold out in a matter of minutes.

How is League of Legends played?

Like other MOBA, in League of Legends (LoL) the goal is the destruction of the enemy team’s core building, the Nexus. Before the game, players are divided into teams of five. They now need to intelligently select and control a character. In the game, a total of five different classes are available, which can be deployed on different lanes.

The map is divided up so that both teams have equal access to the paths or “lanes”, and no team has an advantage. On three lanes and an enormous forest, teams try to gain the upper hand. Each player choses one of the 136 different heroes and takes on the chosen role.

On the so called “lanes” stand a total of three turrets that make life difficult, and impede access to the Nexus. Opposing heroes also occupy the lanes and try to penetrate towards your Nexus. To make the game more exciting, computer controlled creatures (creeps) appear on the lanes. Killing them earns a reward, but it is important that the hero has the last blow, or “last hitting” or no gold is earned, with which one can earn experience points, which makes one stronger. The last hitting is the most difficult, but most important.

After you have destroyed three enemy turrets with the help of the creeps, an inhibitor is waiting for you. After the destruction of the inhibitor, your computer controlled entities (minions) grow stronger again (respawn) and attack harder.

Now only two further turrets separate you from the Nexus, which need to be destroyed. Team work is needed to attain a victory deep in enemy territory. This is exactly the characteristic which makes eSport so exciting – being able to work as a team!

General Introduction to betting on League of Legends

League of Legends was one of the first games bookmakers offered for eSport betting. In comparison to other eSport games, League of Legends, after Counter Strike has the most number of tournaments. Above all, the weekly Leagues offer an opportunity every weekend for you to invest your knowledge in appropriate betting.

Generally, we must say that League of Legends tournaments are always offered by bookmakers and that there are no “smaller” tournaments. The only exception are the lower graded Challenger Series, which are only offered by dedicated eSport bookmakers. In a football comparison, the Challenger Series can be likened to the second national League.

Where can you bet on League of Legends?

It is evident that League of Legends is more popular than almost any other game with bookmakers when one looks at the large number of sports betting portals which offer it. We had a look round to find the best portals for you.

  • Bet365 – The British provider is the frontrunner here. Although the sites´ emphasis is largely on other sports, this provider offers opportunities for betting on the various weekly Leagues. Tournaments are also covered. The provider is phenomenal as it also offers live betting on League of Legends, enabling the punter to bet on occurrences in the game.
  • Pinnacle – In our opinion, Pinnacle is one of the most worthwhile bookmakers, with whom every punter should have an account. Although you will find fewer betting opportunities on offer, this sports betting provider offers higher odds than all its competitors.
  • eGamingBets- Here the weekly League is naturally also covered. Tournaments also have their place and can be bet on with the most diverse betting options. You can even bet on the Brazilian League, an opportunity which exists almost nowhere else!
  • William Hill – William Hill also offers bets on the weekly League, as well as tournaments of all kinds, where one can place bets on winners and losers before the event begins. Top customer service gives the book maker an all-round recommendation.
  • Betway- Not to be forgotten is of course Betway, in our opinion one of the best all-rounders when it comes to eSport betting. As well as a multitude of sweepstakes, this bookmaker also offers bonuses on eSport events. Naturally, the weekly League games and tournaments are on offer here.
  • Nordicbet – operated by the Betsson group, the portal Nordicbet has in the recent past made forward strides in the eSport sphere and offers more and more betting opportunities on tournaments. In addition to League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counterstrike are the most commonly on offer.


Providers such as gg.bet or 10.bet are also well equipped for betting on League of Legends. Here you will also snag good odds on the parties which take place weekly.


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When can I place bets on League of Legends?

Tournaments take place relatively seldom. Instead the League competition takes place on a weekly basis and provides excitement and betting opportunities. To give you a small overview over the system, we have attempted to clarify the most important tournaments and Leagues:

  • EU/NA LCS – The highest level of competition in Europe and North America. Whilst in Europe, teams always compete on Thursdays and Fridays, the North American Teams follow on the next two consecutive days. The so-called split ends after a certain number of games, and the winners are decided by means of a playoff. The above mentioned bookmakers offer betting opportunities on this.
  • League of Legends World Championships – The biggest tournament with the best teams from all regions. The prize money is in the millions. The World Championships takes place once a year and it is a key event which fans look forward to.
  • Mid-Season Invitational – As the name describes, the best teams come together in the middle of the season, to fight for a win. The Mid-Season Invitational can be seen as a mini World Cup, in which teams, which have dominated the first half of the season, come up against one another.
  • Intel Extreme Master (IEM) Here a number of top teams compete for a purse of 500,000 US Dollars. Betting opportunities are available, as the IEM is very popular with players and fans.

Further Leagues:

  • League of Legends Master Series (LMS) – Taiwan
  • League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)
  • LoL Pro League – China
  • Brazilian Challenger Circuit (BRCC)

Which betting opportunities does League of Legends offer?

Providers such as gg.bet or 10.bet are also well equipped for betting on League of Legends. Here you will also snag good odds on the parties which take place weekly.

We would like to share our favorites with you:

  • Map Betting – With a Best-of-Modus game, a team must win a number of individual maps to win the match. Here you have the opportunity to place a bet on the winner of individual maps
  • Betting on the first turret or inhibitor to be destroyed – The name of this bet says it all, and is self-explanatory. “First killing” bets are also offered regularly by bookmakers.
  • Handicap Bet – Here the favorite starts at a disadvantage and you can bet whether or not you think that the hero can compensate for the handicap and still be the victor.
  • Over or Under Betting – The bookmaker gives a certain numerical prediction – a good example here are maps. If the sports betting portal is fairly certain that the teams are evenly matched, it assumes that at least four maps will be played, in a best of five match. If you agree with this assessment, you place an over-bet on four or more maps. With an under bet, you bet on the opposite of this assumption, betting the match will be over after only three maps are played with a 3-0 victory for the favorite.
  • Overall Winner Bets – At the beginning of a League season or tournament, bookmakers often offer very high odds on overall winner bets. If you have a team in mind, who you think will win the title, then what´s the harm in immediately placing a bet?

We could go on…there are so many more betting opportunities. However these are just a few of the most popular with a concise explanation.

What should you take note of when betting on League of Legends?

It goes without saying that blind betting is not a good idea and you should make sure that you inform yourself beforehand. Here is some helpful information you should be aware of regarding League of Legends:

  • Team knowledge – Five players per team stand in the cleft. Has someone been substituted? Is there someone who is currently not playing well?
  • How was the preparation for a large tournament – you can check this on Facebook, Twitter or the Clan website.
  • Head2Head – can show you the results of the last times the teams played against each other. Potentially the team can be annihilated by a feared opponent.


In conclusion, a little tip: Watch the games closely, on which you have placed bets, and learn from your mistakes. This is the only way to learn and improve. Exactly for this reason you should make use of the starting bonuses offered by most bookmakers. This will save you from learning the hard way with your own money, and supplements your installment.