Esports Bonus Comparison

Choosing the ideal bonus – this is how it works

You are a complete beginner in the world of eSports betting? Then you certainly ask yourself, how to use the bonus. Should you accept or rather refuse it? Eventually a bonus is always connected to turnover conditions, and as a beginner, you might not be sure to even accomplish these at all. Generally, you might say, you should never waive a given credit as you can use it to balance a potential loss and maximize your profits. Basically, the turnover conditions are decisive. Therefore, this guide explains in detail, how bonus offers are evaluated, and how to know at one glance, if a certain bonus suits you and your betting capacities. By means of the bonus calculator presented here, you can simply figure out, which deposit ensures which bonus. And last but not least, you will find instructions on how to calculate the best bonus value for you.


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Turnover conditions: This is how a bonus is assembled

First, we want to explain, how to assess the quality of a certain bonus as well as the implications of a bonus rollover. Moreover, we will reveal which criterions are decisive to keep your hand off a certain bonus. The turnover conditions of a bonus tell you the required turnover amount needed to cash out the bonus or earnings achieved with it. These are usually determined by a turnover value, a timespan in which this turnover needs to be generated, and certain gambling requirements like odds requirements.

What is the rollover factor?

The rollover factor determines the required turnover amount. Usually, the conditions reveal, that the bonus needs to be turned over x-times. For example, the bonus offer from Bet365 is fair, with a turnover of 3x bonus + deposit. Let us see the following example:

Deposit: 100 Dollar
Bonus: 100 Dollar
Seed capital: 200 Dollar
Rollover factor: 3
Turnover: 600 Dollar

This means, you need to turnover 600 dollars, when starting with an initial deposit of 200 Dollars. Now you receive a real important information, you should always remember: The higher the rollover factor, the higher the turnaround that needs to be generated. The lower, the better!

What does the percentage value of the bonus mean?

Accompanying a bonus offer, you will usually find a percentage value. These values usually vary between 50, 100, and 200 percent. It indicates the bonus size. At 50 percent bonus, the bookie pays out half of your deposit as bonus. At 100 percent bonusses, the bookie always pays out the identical amount of your deposit. At 200 percent bonusses, the bookie gives away double the amount of your deposit. The higher the percentage value, the better for you!

What are excluded betting markets/payment methods/betting options?

There are bookies, which exclude certain betting markets from their turnover conditions. Moreover, certain payment methods can be excluded from activating the bonus. When deposing with one of these, you will not receive a bonus. Most bookies also exclude counter bets. This means, covering all possible results of an event with bets, and as a result, neither win nor lose!

How can I calculate the best bonus value?

We have presented all important elements of the turnover conditions of a bonus. And now, we come to the presumably most interesting part for beginners. We will show you how to calculate the right bonus for you. Let us consider a fictitious bonus example. It is a 100 percent deposit bonus up to 100 Dollar. The bookie demands to turnover the bonus four times at bets with odds of 1,8 as condition. We get 30 days to accomplish it. If we simply deposit 100 Dollar and activate the maximum bonus, we are compelled to generate a turnover of 400 Dollar. This could represent a rather high value for a beginner. Thus, you need to do it this way:

First, you determine a realistic turnover you can accomplish within the required bonus period. Let us consider you assume, that you accomplish a turnover of 200 Dollar within 30 days. This means, you need to choose a deposit, generating a bonus with a turnover of 200 dollars. Now, you need to divide this total turnover by four, because the bonus needs to be turned over four times. The result is 50 Dollar. When depositing exactly 50 Dollar, you will indeed “only” receive a bonus of 50 dollar, but at the same time you made sure, that the required turnover of the upcoming 30 days is 200 Dollars. This is exactly the amount, we initially assumed to be realistic.

If you want to calculate or assess which bonus value and which turnover conditions are best for you, you have to practice this one golden rule: Never be driven by greed, but always by reason. Experienced gamblers do not need all these calculations, always activate the maximum bonus, and simply unlock it by placing a few bets more.

Conclusion: The betting bonus is a must for every casual gambler

If you are a beginner, making your first steps on the betting floor, it is perfectly normal to lose some bets. These are the costs of getting to know something new within the betting segment. A bonus deposit always helps to balance these losses. Therefore, we recommend calculating the turnover you are capable to achieve within the given period based on your capacities, and by means of this calculation, choosing the best bonus with our bonus calculator. There is no reasonable cause not to use it. The only exception are gamblers who are planning on placing a maximum of four bets per year. In this case, it could be extremely hard to accomplish the turnover conditions. In any other case, you should not go without getting the best eSports bonus offers with our bonus calculator.

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Fortnite is a hugely popular game, with millions of players all around the world. One of…...
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