Esports VIP Bonuses and Promotions

Esports betting online is growing popular fast around the world, and bookies play a big role in that. Anyone can add Esports to their list of available sports betting markets. But, how they run the site is of much bigger importance. We all know that the best Esports betting sites use bonuses and promotions to lure new bettors in. But, getting new bettors is easy. Retaining existing customers is much harder. There’s a solution to that too. It comes in the form of Esports VIP betting bonus offers. Loyalty programs are common in online casinos, but betting sites have started using them too. And it’s for the best. Big spenders want to be treated like royalty, but online, everyone that can place an Esports bet may become a VIP. The top betting sites in 2023 have enticing loyalty programs that no bettor can miss. Make deposits and bet consistently, and you’ll earn more money than ever. In this guide to Esports betting bonus offers, we’ll tell you more how these programs work.


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Why do Esports Betting Sites Have Loyalty Rewards?

The answer to this question is easy. They want to keep existing bettors at the website, and since they spend big money regularly, the only thing you can give them in return is more money. This is the goal of loyalty programs and rewards. By showering high rollers with gifts and extra money, the best Esports betting sites are getting eternally loyal customers.

A loyal bettor means more time spent on the website and more bets. That’s what betting sites count on – they’re in the business for the long run. Loyalty programs come in many shapes and sizes. But, they all offer one thing – more enticing bonus offers and special gifts and prizes custom-tailored to make regulars happy.

VIP Programs for Esports Bettors

There are two different types of VIP bonus programs you can find on an Esports betting app or website. You can either become a VIP privately by invitation or by earning enough status points that can help you climb the VIP ranks.

  • Point-based VIP program: this is the more common program between the two. In general, it is more commonly used in online casinos, but some Esports bookies have it too. It gives you special points you earn for making deposits and bets in Esports markets. When these accumulate, they either raise your VIP status or you can exchange them for bonuses or cash in the store. Getting to the higher ranks of these VIP programs involves better bonuses and promotions with much fairer terms.
  • Invitation only: as the name suggests, this kind of VIP program is truly elite. The sportsbook itself decides who becomes a VIP. Of course, this doesn’t happen randomly. A lot of research is invested into it, and only those who are truly regulars can get the invitation via email. You can decline it, of course, but why should you do that? VIP clubs offer an exquisite Esports betting experience with plenty of extra cash and more free bets than ever.

Which one is better? That’s not a question you should ask yourself. The real questions you should be asking is how valuable the program is. They all offer amazing bonuses and promos, but are they really different and better than regular offers? That’s why you should check what the VIP club offers before you join the party.

Types of VIP Bonuses at Esports Betting Sites

The best Esports betting sites will have all kinds of bonuses and promotions for their most loyal players. We’re not just talking regular deposit bonus offers. Those will come for sure. We’re talking custom-tailored bonuses and promos that are directly linked to your gameplay habits and your spending.

Deposit Bonuses

We all know what deposit bonuses are in online casinos and sports betting sites. They can be great when you’re not a VIP, but in general, the terms for this type of bonus are much fairer in loyalty clubs. When you become a VIP, you can expect bigger deposit bonuses with fairer terms and conditions. This gets even better as you climb the ranks. As you become a premium VIP member on the higher levels, you’ll get better T&Cs such as lower wagering requirements, bigger bet size, and possibly a wider range of eligible markets.

Cashbacks and Reloads

One of the things that’s a mainstay in VIP betting site clubs are cashbacks and reloads. As a loyal member of a bookie, you will get constant top ups whenever you make a deposit. These are regular, coming each week or month, and with quite the fair terms. You’ll benefit a lot from these offers which are a perfect example of why it pays to become a VIP.

No Deposit Bonuses

The best Esports betting sites will also hand out no deposit bonuses in their VIP programs. These might be for specific fixed odds or Esports live betting events. It all depends on the bonus. Expect these to be smaller than deposit bonuses, but still big enough to impress regulars.

Bigger Free Bets

Free bets are the backbone of each Esports betting site’s promotions lobby. They are handed out as welcome bonuses and regularly for specific events. VIPs get loads of these offers. Bigger bets with better terms are on offer for all VIPs, and there might be one waiting for you when you log in to a bookie via an Esports betting app.

Exclusive Rewards

Custom-tailored rewards and bonuses are available to all VIPs. Regular customers who have entered a loyalty club will get their fair share of exclusive rewards, especially on the higher levels. We’re not talking more no deposit offers or something of the sorts. We’re talking gadgets, exotic trips, and even supercars, depending on what the Esports bookie offers.

Loyalty Benefits

When joining an Esports sportsbook VIP club, it’s not just about the bonuses. You’ll be getting plenty of benefits as well, including perks such as free tickets to events, faster withdrawals, better odds, and a personal account manager.

Not all of these will be available immediately, but you’ll still get most. A personal account manager is possibly the best among them, allowing you to track your bets and events easier. With it, you’ll be able to put various Esports betting tips with ease.

How do I get a VIP Esports Betting Bonus?

You don’t ‘get’ a VIP Esports betting site bonus. In order to benefit from a loyalty club, you will have to become a VIP first. As mentioned earlier, there are specific guidelines for that. The best Esports betting sites will have an invitation-only loyalty club which puts you in the company of selected few.

These elite clubs are pretty popular among bookmakers nowadays. They are different from online casino VIP clubs, being fully adapted to sports betting fans. As such, you can expect tailored rewards, prize draws, and free tickets to events, including Esports major and minor international tournaments and matches.

Placing an Esports bet with a loyalty bonus is much better. The top Esports bookies will give you a chance to bet on enhanced odds on some events. Casual bettors that aren’t a VIP don’t get this, and they don’t have a personal account manager as well. That’s the beauty of VIP Esports betting site programs, which give regular bettors even better incentive to continue placing one Esports bet over another.



Is betting on Esports legal?

Absolutely. Betting on Esports online is perfectly legal as long as you choose a trusted online sportsbook. In the crowded 2023 market, it’s best to let the pros help. Pick one of our best Esports betting sites and you’ll never look back.

How to bet on Esports CS:GO matches with VIP bonuses?

Betting on CS:GO, DOTA 2, or any other match or tournament is much better with VIP bonus offers. They give you a better ‘cushion’ in the form of fair terms and more money than ever. VIP bonuses are crafted to let you have a great time with any Esports betting app.

What’s the best site for Esports betting and VIP bonus offers?

There are plenty of great Esports sportsbooks out there., 20bet, and Betway seem to be among the favorites, but it all depends on what you prefer. They have different VIP clubs, markets, and odds, and you have to weigh all their positives to draw a general conclusion.

Are there any special benefits of Esports VIP betting clubs?

Of course there are. It’s not just about loyalty bonuses – the perks are a big part of VIP clubs as well. As a member of the elite, you’ll get priority customer support, faster withdrawals and higher limits, and custom-tailored rewards that make the best use of your betting habits and strengths.

Do I get exclusive Esports betting tips as a VIP?

Some Esports betting sites may give their VIPs exclusive access to Esports betting tips. These are typically written by experts in the field, so you’ll get great predictions for free that can lead to profit.

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