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Counter Strike Global Offensive – Introduction to eSports Betting

Everyone should be familiar with Counter Strike, being the world’s most popular ego-shooter game, which has been represented in the market since 2000. Counter Strike was created from a modification of the game Half-Life, but it now belongs to Valve.

Counter Strike was the only game represented by two games at the same time in the eSports scene. In addition to Counter Strike 1.6, Counterstrike Source was also a very popular game. Tournaments awarding prize money were organized, which are comparable to Counter Strike 1.6. The hype of these two games in the eSport area, however, ended abruptly in 2012. The successor Counterstrike Global Offensive (CSGO) appeared on the market and outperformed the sales of its predecessors. Counter Strike is one of the top 3 in the field of electronic competition and, above all, in the offer of bookmakers.

How to play Counterstrike

Like ego shooters by other producers, Counter Strike is played from the ego perspective. Unlike many other shooters, a task must be performed at Counterstrike. While the Counter Terrorists (CT) try to eliminate the terrorists (T), they have to plant the bomb or switch off the CT. If the terrorists achieve the planting of the bomb, this must be defended until it explodes. The anti-terrorist unit must try to defuse the bomb after it has been planted. If a team has been completely switched off before the bombing, the round ends.

In the eSports area, Counterstrike Global Offensive Games are usually played between two teams in a Best of Mode. A card goes as long as a team has reached 16 points. If the point stands at 15-15, extra time is played. In most tournaments, group games take place in the Best of 1 mode, so you win here after one card won. To make the tournament more exciting, you can also choose Bo3 or Bo5 modes. In this case, a team must choose at least two or three cards to decide the overall victory of the match.

General introduction to betting on CSGO

As mentioned briefly, Counterstrike Global Offensive is one of the most popular games on a sports betting platform in the eSports sector. Many bookmakers have finally recognized the potential of CSGO and offered more than just the big tournaments. Of course, it always depends on which bookmaker you have chosen, because not everyone offers eSport bets.

Most bookmakers, on the other hand, are always present with Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike, and enjoy selling these.

The range of a large CSGO tournament can only be imagined by very few. Recently, one of the biggest Counterstrike tournaments took place in Cologne. Not only that the LANXESS Arena was completely sold out, but millions of people from all over the world were looking at their screens sharing the thrills live.

Where to bet on Counterstrike Global Offensive?

To give you an insight into the world of electronic sports betting, we of course have scrutinized the bookmakers to see which portals are best for betting. In order not to go beyond the scope, as there are plenty of bookmakers for CSGO, we have summarized the top 5 of the CSGO bookmakers for you.

  • Pinnacle – This bookmaker is often blackguarded, as there is no bonus offer for new customers. With the help of enormous quotas, this sports betting portal can give its customers more than a bonus, because with permanently higher quotas than the competition, one can win here much more.
  • Bet365 – Perhaps currently the most famous bookmaker. Bet365 has become famous for their numerous live matches. CSGO can bet before the start of the game and during the game, so you can react to the game and bet during the live match.
  • BetwayBetway provides your own eSport website. In addition to numerous competitions and offers for smaller tournaments, the customer service convinces us especially through great eSport draws and quick help with questions. Also, there is always a bonus at certain tournaments. Since betway also offers other sports, this bookmaker is a true all-rounder, who can offer its eSports-players something.
  • Bet at Home – BaH also offers Counter Strike Global Offensive bets. However, you should not hope that the bookmaker offers this at every small tournament. BaH is more specialized in the big tournaments of eSports.
  • eGamingBets – eGB is also for us a new and therefore unknown bookmaker, with whom we have so far had very few experiences. But first and foremost, there is only a positive report, as the bookmaker has every small eSport tournament on the screen and offers it with a variety of betting opportunities.
  • – in addition to eGamingBets, is one of the few bookmakers concentrating solely on eSports. Here you will also find every available tournament listed and betting opportunities available. The special feature of this provider is the link with, through which the games can be followed live, and you can place bets and watch, without having to switch between different platforms.
Providers such as, NordicBet and Betser are also popular and offer betting opportunities on Counter Strike Global Offensive.

When can bets be placed?

Depending on the bookmaker, almost every day bets can be placed at CSGO. Frequently, big teams are also taking part in smaller tournaments and are drawing attention to this. Bookmakers, who are especially focused on eSport, have such tournaments on the screen and are making a betting offer for them.

Bigger bookmakers are always very cautious in such small tournaments and tend to hold back. Rarely does it happen that Bet365 or Bet at Home offer small tournaments. At big tournaments like the already mentioned ESL One Cologne, all the above-mentioned bookmakers were represented with bets. Here you should still see that your desired betting possibility is found and you not only find the winner or loser bet.

To give you a little insight, we've selected the most popular tournaments of the fans and bookmakers.

  • ESL One – We have already mentioned. These tournaments always take place in different cities and are one of the biggest events in the Counterstrike scene.
  • Copenhagen Games – The Copenhagen Games have been held annually since 2010. The organizers invite the teams themselves, which means that the top teams are present and also bookmakers keep an eye on the tournament.
  • Intel Extreme Masters – Here every fan and bookmaker will have an eye on it. Besides the ESL One tournaments, IEM is the biggest event.
  • Dreamhack – These tournaments are comparable to the Copenhagen Games. The best teams take part several times a year and play for a prize of 100,000 US dollars.

Smaller tournaments or leagues are very difficult to find, so we only list them here. The chance to find a bet here is extremely low and the only chance is that bookmakers only focus on the eSport.

The Gfinity Pro League and SLTV StarSeries unfortunately fall into this category of the tournaments not offered by the bookmakers.

Which betting options are available on Counterstrike Global Offensive?

As with other sports, the winners and losers betting would be too little, and bookmakers have therefore been thinking about making the eSports betting area even more interesting. The Counter Strike is a very unpredictable game; you should bear in mind that not every bet is related to the complete match and can be lost or won after just a few seconds or minutes.

Here is an overview of the most common bets:

  • Over- or under-betting – The bookmaker specifies a certain number of, for example, cards or kills. This is now to be used to place bets, whereby the over-betting means that the number is exceeded and the under-betting states that this does not happen.
  • Knife round – Here you can place a bet on the first round of a card. Teams only have knives and no other equipment.
  • Card Betting – As already described, most of the tournaments are grouped in a Best of Three or Five modes. Here you can bet on a single map.
  • Total winner – The common winners’ or losers’ bets.
  • Handicap – A team starts with an advantage or disadvantage. The disadvantage needs to be caught up, while the advantage must be kept.

What should you watch out for at Counter Strike?

  • It is like football; a premonition is usually not enough to win a bet. Information is also essential in eSports and should be collected on various websites. The following information is important before the betting:
  • Are all regular players on board? Who is replaced by whom?
  • How did the teams play recently with the current line-up? How fit is the team currently?
  • How did the two teams play against each other recently? Is it a bogey team or is the opposing team easy to handle for your favorite?

Very important is also basic knowledge about betting. Look at your bet before submitting it again and then send it off. Nothing is more annoying than having picked the wrong bet.

A little tip as a thank you for reading: At the beginning of your competition, you should see the bonus that most bookmakers offer, as apprenticeship premium or investment. Here you can also make a mistake without having to make another deposit again.

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