Call of Duty –Introduction to eSport Betting

Call of Duty is a computer game franchise published and owned by Activision. The genre of this series of games is simple and easy to classify: Ego-Shooter. The first title of Call of Duty appeared on the gaming scene in 2003, and it is impossible now to imagine the scene without it. Every year new games of this Ego-Shooter are released. The series of Call of Duty Games is one of the most successful franchises. Already in November 2009 a total of 55 million games had been sold, generating over 3 million US Dollars in income.

How is Call of Duty played?

The game itself does not play out according to a consecutive story. Usually you are a soldier in a war, and have tasks to fulfil. Most of you are probably familiar with how an ego-shooter game is played. From an ego-perspective, one targets the enemies and shoots them with a gun.

As the single player modus is meaningless in the eSport professional field, the game is played by two teams, each with 4 members. The aim is to totally annihilate the opposing team. Different types of weapons are available, which inflict various harm, in order to achieve this goal.

General Introduction to betting on Call of Duty

As a consequence of the hype around eSport – totally sold our arenas and millions of viewers watching back at home – bookmakers decided to include this well-loved ego-shooter game in their portfolios. As with other eSport events, there are tournaments, titles and a whole lot of prize money up for grabs.

Large tournaments obviously attract more attention than smaller ones, where fewer top teams are represented. In most cases, popular all-round bookmakers only offer bets on the larger tournaments. All-round bookmakers are those sports betting portals which do not concentrate on only one type of sport, rather their main business are mainstream ball-based sports like football, tennis, basketball, American football and so on. eSports stand rather in the background and betting options and opportunities are limited. Also, in all honesty, Call of Duty is overshadowed by Counter Strike. When you compare the betting options offered on the two games, it is very clear which game enjoys more popularity.

Where can you place bets on Call of Duty online?

When you think of the all the advertising, on TV or in stadiums, you can imagine how many bookmakers there currently are. The problem with betting on Call of Duty is that the game is unfortunately not offered by all bookmakers, and therefore only a few bookmakers come into question when placing a bet.

We have taken a closer look at the various bookmakers and put together a list of those who recognise the potential of Call of Duty and offer betting opportunities.

  • eGamingBets – Probably one of the few portals which also take bets on the smaller tournaments. Unfortunately, so far we have only been able to register limited experience with eGamingBets. However, all in all, we must say that we can recommend this bookmaker, especially for punters who want to concentrate on the area of eSport betting.
  • Bet365 – Probably the best known bookmaker in the world at the moment. Along with numerous football strip sponsorships, their name can be found on pitch side advertising boards in football stadiums all over the world. With Bet365 we must also unfortunately say that usually only the larger tournaments on the Call of Duty scene make it into their portfolio.
  • Bet at Home – BaH is very similar to Bet365, but their focus is not on live betting, rather on the pre-market, in other words, bets placed before the game begins. Bet at Home also only focusses on the largest tournaments. Smaller tournaments have no chance of making it into their portfolio.
  • Betway- This still rather unknown bookmaker has made a name for itself in eSport and eSport related betting. A separate, very inviting category for eSport on its web site is a clear plus point. Betway offers more tournaments and usually more betting options. Betway scores therefore, in comparison to BaH and Bet365.


The betting program of the purely eSport focused bookmaker is more often than not brimming with tournements of the shooter series, CoD. Here you will find mostly winner or looser bets, but the betting platform is linked to and you can watch the action live as you place your bets. Additionally, offers good odds in the realm of pure eSport bookmakers.


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When can bets be placed on Call of Duty?

As already mentioned, many bookmakers only focus on Call of Duty when large tournaments are being played and top teams are there to attract enough attention. We put a few of the larger tournaments under the microscope to see whether betting is worth your while.

  • Call of Duty Championship – the tournament of the Call of Duty scene! It is comparable to a World Championship, where only the best teams in the world compete. In 2016 the total prize money for the tournament topped 3 million dollars. Only 12 teams, from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil reach the group phase, where eight go through to the last round, when prize money is played for.
  • Call of Duty Global Pro League – An unrestricted participant field, which also includes amateurs. But exactly for this reason, bookmakers are often scared off and offer no or only very few betting opportunities. Too little information about smaller amateur teams who perform well is available. Here amateur players or observers have a good chance; the bookmakers unfortunately are not willing to play along.


And with that unfortunately, we come to an end – the pickings are slim and disappointing. Only the Call of Duty Championships find a regular place in the above mentioned bookmaker’s portfolios. Hence, only once a year do ego-shooter fans get a chance to bet on Call of Duty.

BUT! Very soon the new call of Duty WWII is being released, which will bring new innovations to the game. We are sure that some bookmaker or other will rethink their position, and decide the new version of this ego shooter deserves a place in their portfolio.

What types of bets are available?

Unfortunately here we have to disappoint you again. Apart from the basic winner-loser bets, only the dedicated eSports portals offer more exciting and varied betting opportunities. Providers like eGamingBets however, have built up more of an affinity to eSports and therefore offer the following options:

  • First Killing –Here one bets on the victim of a team’s first deadly shot – a very risky bet.
  • Map Betting – For example in a best of three match, a team must win at least two maps. Here the bookmaker allows betting on the outcome of individual maps.
  • Handicap and over-under betting –You need luck on your side to find one of these betting options available. In a handicap bet, a team starts with an advantage or disadvantage, which they must compensate for. With an over-under bet, the bookmaker makes a prediction. This can be for the number of killings, or maps. You must decide whether the prediction is too low (over bet) or exaggerated, and will not be achieved (under bet)

What should one take note of when betting on Call of Duty?

As with other sports betting, there are some things to be aware of before placing a bet.

  • Gathering Information – information about the current make up of a team, and the general mood inside the team, can be valuable.
  • Team knowledge – how do the line ups look? Are the experienced professionals playing, or has someone been substituted?
  • Head 2 Head Comparison – how have the teams fared against each other in the past?
  • Bet Knowledge – know your bet, and carefully consider if this type of bet should be placed.