CSGO – Heroic Defeats FaZe to win the BLAST Premier Finals

In a three-map series, #Heroic defeated #FaZe to win the #BLASTPremierFallFinal. The Danish lineup, who now hold their first trophy at a Big Event and are the first all-Danish team to win a competition in the Royal Arena, triumphed after defeating the international lineup on Overpass (16-11), giving up a back-and-forth game of Inferno (12-16), and then winning after a fiercely contested overtime match on Mirage (19-16).

However, the contest had little bearing on the two teams' chances of making it to the BLAST Premier World Final in December. FaZe have secured a spot at the end-of-year extravaganza with their victory in the ESL Pro League Season 15 final back in April.

Heroic, on the other hand, was able to reserve a slot in the $1,000,000 event in Abu Dhabi before the grand final began due to their standing on the BLAST leaderboard.

The Match Recap

FaZe jumped out to an early 5-0 lead as their opponents chose Overpass, building an impenetrable defensive wall on both bombsites. In the sixth, a Heroic with a Tec-9 weapon finally scored, and the team used this change in momentum to bring the score back to a 5-5 tie.

By the time the first half of the grand final came to an end, this deadlock still existed. FaZe had won two more rounds, but Heroic had immediately responded with three of their own thanks to two outstanding 2v5s from Casper #cadiaN Mller and Jakob #jabbi Nygaard in the 13th round and a 1v2 from Martin #stavn Lund in the 14th.

Heroic pushed home their advantage early in the second half, as the Danish five, known for their relentless tenacity on defense, let up just two rounds before winning the map point, 15-9. FaZe briefly revived the European mix during a two-round streak, but René #TeSeS Madsen's information play and three kills were enough to put an end to their momentum and give Heroic the advantage on their chosen map 16-11.

Map 2 – Inferno

For the second map in the best-of-three, the series traveled to Inferno. By overturning Heroic's pistol-round success with a three-round run of their own, FaZe got off to the perfect start. From this point on, however, the soldiers of cadiaN strengthened their defensive position, adding seven rounds to their total while only allowing two bomb plants to take the initiative at that period, making the score 8-4.

Despite the significant disadvantage, FaZe didn't give up, and once more, the Baltic duo of Robin #ropz Kool and Helvijs #broky FaZe was only one round behind Saukants at the swap when they banded together to prevent catastrophic devastation.

The spectators' displays displayed Déjà vu. After the break, FaZe once more picked up the second-round force-buy victory to keep the game close. FaZe won the next battle between the two sides thanks to Hvard #rain Nygaard's accurate shooting with his Desert Eagle. The foreign contingent's superiority in firepower and utility was the crucial element in forcing a third-map confrontation on Mirage, where FaZe prevailed 16–12 thanks to its newly acquired economic freedom.

Map 3 – Mirage

Heroic had a 6-2 lead to start the Danish team's time on the CT-side of Mirage, thanks in large part to Rasmus #sjuush Beck, who was comfortably leading the kills chart with 13 kills. In order to save their sinking ship, FaZe had to wait until the 12th round.

They were able to do it by twice successfully executing onto the A site and stopping the game at 4-9. Nevertheless, cadiaN and company kept up their commanding position in the server and read FaZe with ease to win the final two rounds of the half and had a comfortable 11-4 lead at the break.

To begin their CT-side comeback, FaZe embarked on an undefeated five-round run. Broky's constant fragging gave his team the foundation they needed to close the gap to two, 9-11. Heroic only managed to win three rounds, but FaZe managed to string together another five rounds to tie the game at 14 all and force overtime.

Heroic's newest player, jabbi, rose to the occasion and secured a 1vs1 in the 29th to incite a raucous frenzy in the Royal Arena, but FaZe responded in kind with a 2vs2 the round after to send the grand finalists into overtime to decide the match.

In the extra round, Heroic accepted the Danish crowd's backing. The hometown favorites scored two on the T-side to lead 17-16 at the time of the side swap. They subsequently increased their lead by scoring two more rounds on defense to win the BLAST Premier Fall Final 19-16 and seal their victory.

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