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*2022* RADIANT.EXE – Valorant


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The best goalkeeping trainers for VALORANT

Finding the best goal trainers for VALORANT is difficult. There are many, and not all of them work for VALORANT. At worst, a goalkeeping coach can reinforce negative habits that actively worsen your aim, which is why finding the best goalkeeping coaches for VALORANT is so important to improving your range. These are what we believe to be the three best aim trainers for VALORANT. Of course, there are many more, but none of them come close to the quality of these three. If you want to improve your aim and, by extension, your range, train with one of these.

The best goal trainers for VALROANT: aim lab

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t consider Aim Lab to be the best marksmanship trainer for VALORANT. Some trainers don’t like it, but I can attest to its usefulness first hand. Using Aim Labs consistently, I went from Bronze to Ascendant in two acts, so judge whether it’s useful or not.

Aim Lab is clean because there are no overblown images to distract you. This allows you to focus solely on your target, something that lesser target trainers struggle with. It breaks down your mouse skills into individual performance areas, helping you identify exactly what your weakness is rather than your target as a whole. I can’t overstate how much of a difference it makes when it comes to improvement.

Aim Lab is also free, which can’t be said for its main competitor. On top of all that, it has a partnership with VALORANT, which means there are official in-game target practice drills based on scenarios and positions in VALORANT that are recreated with 1:1 accuracy.

Finally, Aim Lab receives constant updates. It is not the best aim trainer in VALORANT in terms of raw power, but it will eventually catch up and hopefully surpass other high-end aim trainers.

VALROANT’s best aim trainers: those from KovaaK

Unlike Aim Lab, KovaaK’s is not free. This is at the expense of the aiming trainer, as it is arguably the best aiming trainer for VALROANT in terms of raw performance. However, it is not as beginner-friendly as Aim Lab, which makes it less than ideal for players new to aim training.

KovaaK’s, despite being a premium software, has a large community of loyal fans. As such, it offers more customisation and variety than Aim Lab. There are many more drills and scenarios, making it easier to practice very specific weaknesses in your game.

This is one of the main reasons why KovaaK’s is better than Aim Lab, but also one of the main reasons why beginners should avoid it. KovaaK’s does very little to hold your hand. While Aim Lab has a useful user interface and guides you to what to play, KovaaK does not. It’s more of a sandbox full of toys that you have to organise and calibrate yourself.

If you’ve been practising marksmanship for a while and are looking to take the next big leap, then KovaaK is the best VALORANT marksmanship trainer for you. However, if you are just starting out, consider getting your feet wet with Aim Lab first.

VALROANT’s best marksmanship trainers: shooting range and death match

Is it a cop-out? Yes, but that’s also true. The best goal trainer for VALORANT is, well, VALORANT. Specifically, Range and Deathmatch. Both modes should be incorporated into your workout and warm-up routine, regardless of which external trainer you use.

Personally, I run a warm-up routine in Aim Lab, then spend 5-10 minutes on the range, then play one or two deathmatches before getting to the day’s competition.

No external trainer can exactly mimic VALORANT, which means there will always be some kind of disconnect between one and the other. Training your aim in VALORANT eliminates this problem.

I am not suggesting that your entire marksmanship practice routine should be done in VALORANT, far from it. However, I would recommend that everyone, whether Silver or Radiant, train with a mix of Aim Lab or KovaaK, et VALORANT itself.

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