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*No Bs* How to STRAFE & SHOOT n0ted style – Valorant

If you find that you get overheated too often after turning a corner in Valorant, don’t worry. These tips and tweaks will allow you to change your game in no time.

Valorant’s roster of heroes has plenty of powers to overcome the enemy, but, in the end, it’s your aim and in-game experience that will get you through most situations in this team-based tactical shooter from Riot Games. Although hero skills are a fundamental part of the game, you’ll notice that Valorant has more in common with CS:GO (Counterstrike: Global Offensive) than with other hero-based shooters like Overwatch.

So, if you’ve been struggling to get past the tight bottlenecks in Bind or had a hard time surviving the long and dangerous passage of Haven, this guide will help you be the one to rule over your opponents.

1. Grid placement

Reticle placement is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of aiming to improve your k/d in Valorant. It means keeping your aim centered on the screen, placing your reticle at the perfect head height, while defending and attacking over the course of the round. The idea is to minimize the number of corrections you will have to make when you spot a player. If their reticle is at head height, then you only have to cover a (relatively small) horizontal distance. This will take time, and the dedication to break some bad habits. This goes out to any of you who aim at the ground and those of you who have your reticle in the clouds: Make the effort to change to this style of play and you will see your game improve with discipline. Mind you, there has to be a conscious effort to change your playing style, but it will help you make a big leap in Valorant.

2. Practice

As the old saying goes: to be an expert at something, you first have to put in ten thousand hours of practice. Although ten thousand may be a bit…. Excessive? You should go to the range before going into action, practice your marksmanship and familiarize yourself with Valorant’s arsenal of weapons.

Want to choose the Operator? Go ahead, it’s OP, but get used to it. Mastering the ranges, distances, and strengths of each weapon as you figure out what you’re comfortable with will help you when your economy gets tight and your options start to run out. However, be careful not to spend too much time at the range and burn out. You can start slow, but thirty-minute sessions with consistency will pay off.

3. Stand still

Call of duty and Battlefield have taught us a lot of skills that won’t really be useful in this game. Sprinting around the map shooting from the hip with a submachine gun is nothing more than a fantasy when you get into a game of Valorant. Your shots will be remarkably wild and inaccurate as you shoot on the fly, even if you aim with the scope. Take your time and try to stand still. You can take someone down with a heavy shield, but only if you hit them in the head. The steadiest hand in Valorant wins just as often as the fastest.

4. You and your reticle; what you’re doing wrong

Some may think this is no big deal, but finding a reticle that’s right for you and your play style is important. Reducing the scatter indicator and choosing a color that stands out against the drab Bind backdrop will help a lot. It can also give you a more accurate reference to hit the head with more consistency. It all depends on what works best for you. Once you adjust your crosshairs, you’ll be amazed at the improvement. Simply put: your reticle should be simple, small, non-distracting and consistent. Always choose a static reticle rather than a dynamic one that adapts when you shoot or move. If your reticle can’t be consistent, you won’t be either.

5. From the hip

Shooting from the hip is not usually the best option in typical shooters. However, if you keep your feet planted while shooting and have a reliable reticle that you can rely on, then aiming with the crosshairs should be your preferred method for clearing corners in Valorant. Aiming with the crosshairs down makes you more accurate, but decreases your rate of fire. It’s optimal for range, but, in melee, when one shot might be all you need, keeping your eye on the scope gives you a better field of view and a higher rate of fire for when you find something other than a Sage around that corner.

6. Before playing

All of these tips are useless if you don’t have a good setup, so, for the many who will find this too basic and even insultingly so, this is for the few who might not know. If you haven’t figured this out yet: find a sensitivity that’s right for you. Valorant is a slower paced game than most, so a lower sensitivity is more forgiving. Set your DPI to something comfortable for all games and then adjust the sensitivity as best you can. You can find several converters online to figure out preferred settings for Valorant and all your other favorite games while you’re at it. Most professional gamers find themselves at 400 or 800 DPI, but find what works for you and a mouse that suits your game to keep your edge.

7. Leave no stone unturned

If you’re new to the PC world or have never managed to aim with a mouse, an aiming trainer may be your best bet. Aim Hero, Osu, Aiming.pro and 3D Aim Trainer have a host of games and modes that will help you with different aspects of PC gaming. Whether it’s tracking, finger pointing or burst shooting, you’ll find more than one option to help you hone your skills. Aiming trainers range in price from free to around twenty dollars (17 euros), with different games and exercises to test your skills.

43 Replies to “*No Bs* How to STRAFE & SHOOT n0ted style – Valorant”

I still dont understand. Do i need to reach maximum speed to make bullet straight or dont reach it to make bullet straight? On 6:14 u said that u not grt max speed so the bullet go same place but on 4:55 u said that u trying to get maximum speed so u can make bullet go same place. Thanks

I feel like this explains why a lot of other advice tends to work 1) Wide peaks! This forces the player to attain that max speed peak without realizing it. 2) Play with the mentality that the enemy is lower rank than you. The reason this works is because you tend to move faster and not get scared and slow peak. This helps you do the max speed peaks. This video essentially find the base reason why those types of advice tend to work.

Hey! First of all thanks for your great videos.
I have a question. So I'm practicing the strafe shooting right now. What I noticed is that I can pull off the 2 shots with Phantom with high accuracy, but with the Vandal the second shot sometimes lands somewhere off. Are the timings for both guns a bit different or can you just tap with the Vandal while adad spamming?

I'm new to the game so just curious, how does that spam strafe help me? Won't they just pre-fire me the next time I peak because that movement is predictable? OR do I stop doing it after the 2nd strafe to get the value out of the first 2 shots? It's cool to know the first shots have 100% accuracy, which I already am well aware of but I'm new so I don't see the value in strafing that much… Maybe I missed something since others seem to think highly of this video

So i have been trying this method for the past 6 days including each day a 20minute practise on range pre competitive game and 20 minute practise before i go to sleep

So far these are my conclusions

Noted is a great player if not the greatest when it comes to movement in valorant but unfortunately there are some downsides in this strafing gameplay

Keep in mind i am ascendant 3 right now
That means that in my lobbies its either you get headshot or you headshot the enemy from an off-angle

So for the past 7 days i have been playing using this strafing guide and i had to switch into phantom because with vandal its almost guarantee that your gonna miss a lot of shots due to spread

I have won many duels from past 45m but i have lost also countless duels past 45m from enemies that literally commiting to crouch spray…someone will say (wheres the problem on that) well let me tell you something that i have figure it out…in order to execute what noted introduce in the video you have to be 1)precise on your 1st shot bullet even if its not headshot and 2) dont get hit first (excluding headshot)

If yout get tagged first on this game you are pretty much worthless

So my thoughts is that this gameplay is very usefull when it comes to fights post 45meters and of course its a good movement against operators

Using this exact movement on short-medium range fights most likely you are gonna get killed

Still noted did a great job uploading this gem and tried to make us understand the fundamentals of the game's mechanics

tldw: (or in case you really didnt feel like watching the ad)

tldr of the tldw:
Go wide and far back when peeking. its better.
shoot on all movement velocity dips.

The long version:

You appear to be moving very fast if you Take Peeks WIDE and FAR BACK, and you are a smaller target with a larger advantage of movement and cover.

If you strafe wiggle instead of stopping, you are harder to shoot and have brief stints of perfect accuracy when your character's velocity hits 0 between strafes like a metronome, and so firing in bursts in sync to dips in player velocity on the W to the D and D to the W is the strat. None of that stop n crouch shit. The counterstrafe is like firing a correctional thruster in space. It slows your momentum faster than just letting go of the key; returning you to windows of perfect accuracy.

wide-peek is smoother, less mouse correction is needed to plant shots on counterpeekers coming around corners. Your strafe almost does the aiming for you.

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