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The Most Agressive NEON In Valorant – Valorant Neon Gameplay

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List of changes in the 4.0 patch for VALORANT

Riot Games has released a full changelog for VALORANT patch 4.0. In addition to the appearance of the new agent Neon, the developers paid attention to the battle pass, weapon balance, as well as refinement of some maps.

Weapon changes

Steel arms:

  • The developers have made it easier to attack with melee weapons. In particular, the hitbox when attacking with the right mouse button became 1.5 times larger.
  • Left-click attacks have increased the hitbox and range compared to right-click attacks. In addition, melee attacks will now hit targets that are closer to the center of the attack.
  • Also, the developers have improved the appearance of hit trails on walls, which will now appear instantly.


  • Bullet spread coefficients along the X and Y axes when shooting while running, jumping and climbing increased from 1.25 to 1.5.
  • The time to change the bullet propagation direction along the X-axis has been reduced from 0.24 sec. to 0.18 sec.
  • Shot propagation will now occur in the third, sixth and eighth bullets.
  • Protection against bullet spread along the X-axis when firing in short bursts now lasts not until the eighth, but until the fifth bullet.


  • Promotion has been removed.
  • Rate of fire increased from 10 to 13 units.


  • Recovery curve starts one bullet later.
  • Removed reduction of firing rate in alternate firing mode.


  • Hip firing speed increased from 9.5 to 10.
  • Burst reuse time reduced from 0.4 sec. to 0.35 sec.

Map changes


  • Changed coverage on Site A shorts, shifting the balance in favor of attackers.
  • Added a small bench.


  • Expanded exit to Site A.
  • Two new boxes were added to the cave.
  • Changed the cover behind point A, while widening the space on the back wall.
  • Changed the curved wall in the center of the map.
  • Added cover for the pillar at point B, there is now a new wall behind the point and boxes have appeared on wall B.
  • The door at point A can no longer be re-activated until it is fully opened or closed.

Changes in the ranked game

From now on, ranked play is available for players with account level 20 (applies to new players). At the same time, the developers have reduced the RRI penalty for groups of 5 players. The RRI penalty for players of rank “Diamond 2” and below has been reduced by 25%. In addition, the automatic map selection system has been improved: maps will now be repeated less frequently from match to match.

Agent changes

Meet the new agent: Neon. Filipino Neon is able to move incredibly fast thanks to the bioelectric impulses generated by his body. This allows him to take enemies by surprise and deal with them faster than lightning.

Special abilities of the new agent:

  • Instantly launches an energy projectile that bounces off the surface once. When the projectile hits the surface, the ground below is electrified and a deafening explosion occurs.
  • Instantly builds up a charge to increase speed. Slide reuse time restarts after every two kills.
  • Throws forward on the ground two parallel electric lines. The lines extend a short distance or to the nearest surface, after which they form two energy barriers that block the view and damage enemies that pass through them.
  • For a short time, the agent Neon consumes all its energy and speed. The duration of the ability is extended after each kill.



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