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HYDRATING MY AiM w/ *NEW NEPTUNE Vandal* – Valorant

VALORANT players will soon be able to purchase the new Neptune Skin Pack to add an underwater feel to some of their favorite weapons.

VALORANT is packed with weapon designs of all shapes and sizes. Some masks are simple and add a splash of color, while others are quirky and drastically change the design of each weapon. The latest Neptune Pack builds on this concept, giving each weapon an ocean-inspired makeover.

The Neptune Pack includes new skins for Guardian, Vandal, Spectre, Shorty and a new nautical melee look. Each weapon includes a mobile aquarium with colorful plants and sea creatures. Weapons also have black and white variants, allowing players to choose a color that matches their style. The melee skin even has a starfish, making it a cute weapon, though it’s meant to hit enemies hard.

Patch 4.10 was also released today and introduced minor changes to Haven, new audio queues when a deployable ability is destroyed, and several bug fixes to improve the overall state of the game. The masks won’t change or improve your gameplay, but they can help you look cool even if you’re fighting.

VALORANT ocean-themed weapon skin packs

A new update for VALORANT, which usually means a new weapon mask pack will be released in the in-game store, and today the company unveiled the new pack. The Neptune Weapon Skin Pack features an aquatic theme, which was introduced earlier this week.

The weapon masks also come in black and white variants, allowing players to choose a color that matches their style. It also comes with a melee anchor skin with a cute starfish.

The Neptune Pack includes weapon skins for the following weapons:

The Neptune Pack will arrive in the VALORANT in-game store on Wednesday, May 25. If you love these ocean-inspired weapon design packs, get them before they’re gone.

The aquarium theme could also allude to the environments of the upcoming VALORANT charter, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from Omega Earth. “Aquarium Week.

The VALORANT 4.10 patch was released today. The minor update includes a new consistent look for agent progress and loading bars, minor changes to Haven, and new performance graphs to help players easily monitor certain performance metrics.

Valorant Neptune Bundle: weapons, variants, price and release date

Valorant is on its way to becoming the most popular FPS game on the market. And some of the reasons why people love it is because of the unique gameplay, the ranged demons and, most importantly, its weapon designs. We’ve had our fair share of masks, but Roit always ends up surprising us.

If you’re a true Valorant player, then you know that each mask type has a certain amount of aimbot. And speaking of aimbot, we have a new collection of masks that come with a unique look.

Neptune’s Valorant Design Set

This will be the latest collection to be released in a day. It has a rather unique construction, as it is like an aquarium in a gun. This collection will follow the theme of aquatic life.

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