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Flicking Faster Than You Liking This Video – Valorant

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Valorant in the top 10 most tweeted games (2022)

Valorant was among the top 10 most tweeted games of the year, according to a recent survey from the first half of 1.

The popularity of gaming and e-sports has reached new heights in recent years. The availability of different social media platforms has also helped to develop the gaming scene. Gamers love to talk about their favourite titles on various social media platforms, and Twitter is one of the most popular among them.

According to a recent H1 survey, Riot Games’ tactical shooter is the ninth most popular game title on Twitter in 2022, with Genshin Impact topping the list. Other titles in the top 10 list include Wordle, Apex Legends and Elden Ring.

Valorant only FPS title in the top 10 most tweeted games of 2022

Valorant is currently one of the most popular FPS titles on the market. The game turned two years old last month. Since its launch in June 2020, it has gained immense popularity among gamers.

The unique theme, combined with agent skills and tactical shooting, has attracted many players. In addition, the game’s easy availability with low system requirements has helped Riot’s shooters gain a foothold on gamers’ hard drives.

The developers have also done their best to keep the game fresh and entertaining by making frequent changes every two weeks. They have also created a Twitter community to connect with their players and advertise the game.

Players started talking more about the title on their Twitter accounts and created new relationships through it, which ultimately helped increase the game’s popularity. All of this is reflected in its daily concurrent player base.

In a recent H1 survey, the title became the ninth most popular game title on Twitter in 2022. Among nearly 1.5 million tweets about the game in the first half of 2022 (a record in itself compared to previous years), the ninth most tweets are about Riot’s shooter.

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