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How I’m at the top 0.1% Playing AGRESSiVE PHOENIX (RADIANT.EXE) – Valorant

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How to play PHOENIX in Valorant? Agent Guide

PHOENIX is one of the ten characters available in Valorant. Phoenix is a Duelist class agent, so he is usually the agent who leads his team’s charge, like Raze.

He can blind the enemy team and create a wall of fire to deter the enemy from approaching. If things go wrong, his fire abilities can even heal him. Phoenix Valorant also has an Ultimate that can give him a second life, perfect for trying out some final tricks. If you’re Phoenix’s main, you’ll be able to move around Valorant’s maps with ease to lead your team’s attack.

Learn how to use all of Phoenix’s abilities in Valorant

Valogaming helps you discover how to get the most out of Phoenix, one of the best agents in the game.

Ability: BLAZE

Launches a wall of flames that blocks vision and damages anyone who passes through it.


  • You can bend the wall when throwing it by spinning while holding left click.
  • If Phoenix goes through his own wall or stays inside it, he will be healed, which can make this ability very useful in tight quarters.
  • This wall doesn’t stop bullets, but it hides you enough that you can prevent an enemy from killing you by simply throwing it as a screen.
  • If they shoot blindly through it, they will have to be very lucky to kill you.


Throws a curved flare that bursts into bright light after a short delay, temporarily blinding all who see it.


  • Left click curves it to the left, right click curves it to the right.
  • Always use this ability in a corner, if you try to throw it from the right it will blind you.
  • The curve it has is almost 90 degrees, so it is easy to curve it around a corner before it reaches the top.
  • This ability can blind you and your teammates, so be careful when using it.

Ability: HOT HANDS

Throws a fireball that explodes after a delay or on impact with the ground. The fire zone damages enemies and heals you.


  • This skill is great for making enemies think twice before stepping out of a door or into a small hallway.
  • While this skill is good for blocking the area, it doesn’t do much damage, so don’t be afraid to use it to create a health area for yourself.

Ultimate: RUN IT BACK

Marks your current location.

If you die during the duration of this skill, or if it expires, you will be reborn at the marked location with full health.


  • Anything you do while this ability is active will come back to you when you return to where you started it.
  • Be careful, though, where you leave your starting point. There will be fire on the ground, it’s easy to see and if an enemy comes across it, it will wait for you to return and kill you during the animation before you can move.
  • This ability is also great for starting rounds. If you are an attacker, you can enter a location and get a couple of kills or gather valuable information. If you’re a defender, you can swoop in on the enemy team and take them by surprise without risking your life.

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i remember watching noted back when val first came out he played the best pheonix i think i saw ever and i followed his playstyle and after awhile it clicked and i went from silver 2 to diamond 3 never thought i would learn this much from a fragger on valorant but i love it

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