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The Phantom is one of the assault rifles in Valorant, making it one of the primary weapons in the game.

The Phantom is a fully automatic assault rifle that costs 2,900 credits. It inflicts slightly less damage on enemies than, say, the Vandal, but it has particularly high accuracy, less dispersion, a high rate of fire and a silencer. This makes it particularly suitable for attacking enemies from ambush.

A balanced weapon for stable, continuous shooting. Continuous fire is your friend when someone is closing in on you, and short, controlled bursts of fire will send enemies running for the hills at any distance. Best fired from a standing position.


Valorant cheater gets busted at e-sports tournament of all places

A professional cheats at an e-sports event. Here you can find out what consequences the cheater will now have to live with.

A cheater in Valorant tried to cheat during an e-sports tournament. However, his Aimbot acted so obviously that the player was exposed. This was followed by a ban from developer Riot. Presumably, the cheater will no longer be able to play Valorant on his computer.
What happened?

On August 22nd and 23rd, the North American tournament TGS Signature Series took place. In the quarterfinals, the US team Tokyo faced the Canadian team Vancouver Elated. During the stream, Tokyo’s pro Ryut then blew the whistle on his cheats, as reported by Forbes.

Image proof: A Twitch clip clearly shows how obvious the Aimbot is in Valorant. Due to an HTML problem, we unfortunately couldn’t embed the video, but you can find it here on Twitch.

Here’s what the scene shows: Ryut sneaks around the corner by the double doors on Haven. When the enemy player appears in his field of vision, the Aimlock apparently spins briefly and locks onto the head of the fake opponent, who is, however, completely invisible on the other side of the doors.

What happens now?

As one user reported on Twitter, the convicted cheater was subsequently kicked out of Valorant by Riot Games. It is unclear whether this was a manual or an automatic ban of the anticheat program Vanguard.

Pro Ryut has reportedly now deleted his Twitter and Discord account and has not commented on the incident.

Meanwhile, the question is whether the cheater will be able to return to Valorant with a new computer after the usual HWID ban. We asked Riot about this, but they did not give us any further information, citing privacy reasons.

Vanguard makes mistakes

While the anti-cheat system Vanguard seems to do a good job in terms of cheater defense, despite considerable controversy, the software is not perfect. As Riot explained to us during our studio visit, there will probably forever be an arms race between cheat and anti-cheat developers.

In this conflict, however, Riot seems to have the upper hand so far. Despite incidents like these, reports of cheaters in Valorant remain rather the exception. The huge community on Reddit is dominated by the best moves, fan art, and discussions about possible balance problems and high skin prices.

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Do you put delay on your gameplay while live?, I was trying to follow your moves on the mouse, but it seemed like the mouse camera was real time in comparison to the gameplay.
Btw, what is your sens and dpi?, I've seen a lot of players changing from 800 to 1600 lately.

Öğrenciyim Aileme yük olmak istemiyorum bu kadar insandan 4-5 kişi bile görüp takip etse çok iyi olur. Şimdiden çok teşekkür ederim. Bunu sürekli belirtiyorum samimi kalın en iyi dostunuz kendinizsiniz KENDİNİZE İYİ bakın..

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