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Phoenix is underrated.. – Valorant

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Valorant’s most underrated agents

Valorant has become a fantastic competitive tactical shooter since its launch in 2020.

The game’s fast-paced competitive battles and super-powered agents have amassed a large fan base and led to the formation of professional teams and eSports tournaments that are watched by millions around the world.

However, the game is plagued by players choosing the same agents over and over again, as many competitive games feature Jetts, Sages, Vipers and not much else.

This repetitive selection is boring, so we decided to shine a light on three underrated agents that deserve a little more consideration.

The stats used below are taken from Valorbuff’s Agent Meta Stats, which are formulated using over 160 million games played across all game modes, maps and levels.


Skye has not been considered a good meta choice since she entered the game, partly because her weapon was re-equipped after casting a rather slow ability, making her more vulnerable than other agents.

However, this has not affected her win rate, as she has the sixth highest win rate in competitive play at 47.4%, beating out S-level agents such as Sage, Reyna and Jett.

This is quite surprising considering his selection rate is only 21.6%. With a win rate as good as his, more players should take advantage of his support skills.

Her intel gathering and healing abilities are a little harder to get used to compared to Sage or Sova, but she makes up for it with a kit designed to support her team rather than support herself.


Despite its disappointing pick rate of only 22.5%, Brimstone has the second highest win rate of any controlling agent at 48.5%, which is even higher than pro scene favourite Omen.

It also has the second highest first blood percentage, proving that the soldier has more to offer than players realise.

Brimstone’s abilities involve opening his minimap to strategically place smoke and airstrikes, providing the team with useful information and great point control.


When it comes to potential vs. selection rate, Phoenix is easily the most underrated Duelist in Valorant.

In fact, among all Duelists, he possesses both support and autonomy skills.

His abilities may not be as impressive as Jett’s Knives or Raze’s Explosives, but Phoenix makes up for it by not relying on the help of other players, as he can do a lot on his own, even with decent survivability.

He is tied for second place in terms of first blood percentage and has a win rate of 45.7%, just 0.3% behind the second most picked agent in the game, Reyna.

Last sound running it again allows you to run around and defeat one or two enemies, before being teleported back to the start of the finale with your full health restored. This provides a team with information on enemy positions without running the risk of losing a player.

In addition, these self-sufficient abilities and his impressive survivability make him a very good choice for solo player ranks, making him much more powerful than people think.

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