Overwatch 2 Free Hero Unlocking – Here’s How To Do It

It is no secret that Blizzard likes to switch things up very often, and no game mode stays the same for more than 12-24 months. Most of the time that can be very frustrating, because just when you’ve adjusted to the certain rules and ways of playing, changes are being implemented, and you have to start learning from scratch.

The exact thing described above happened to our beloved game Overwatch.

On October 4, Overwatch 2 was launched, ushering in a “new era” for the renowned brand with new characters, maps, game modes, gameplay changes, and a content distribution system.

The brand has switched to a battle pass system with seasonal updates that includes additional heroes that can be unlocked either via paying for the premium pass or by playing the free version of the game.

Three new champions were introduced in Season 1, which began on launch day: Sojourn (DPS), Junker Queen (tank), and Kiriko (support). Another new tank champion will be added in season two, which premieres on December 6, and more new heroes will be released in subsequent seasons.

But how will gamers be able to use the new Overwatch 2 champions?

How to get the Overwatch 2 new battle pass characters

Overwatch marketing lead and VP at Blizzard Jon Spector stated through a Twitter post that “additional Overwatch 2 characters will be accessible on the free track of the Battle Pass” after some revealed details about the future battle pass system surfaced online prior to launch.

Players are now aware that new champions are either available at tier 55 in the free track or instantaneously with the buying of the premium battle pass.

What occurs, then, after the season is ended and the you’ve missed to collect the champion?

In response, Spector said that there would be “free methods to gain new champions in seasons to come too” if players don’t reach the particular rank in the battle pass required to unlock a new hero.

Spector made his remarks in response to leaks that purportedly showcased Kiriko, a purported new support hero, and revealed that players who buy the premium battle pass for year one will automatically have access to Kiriko as one of the “80 levels” of incentives.

Champions will be unlocked in an unspecified manner, although players will be able to do so by completing particular hero tasks. However, further details on how to access former battle pass champions will be made available before to season two. Players assume that the Heroes tab of the Challenge menu would house these tasks.

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