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Overwatch 2 Champion Breakdown – Sigma

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Overwatch 2 version is now available, but with one tank champion less on the battlefield.

The most revolutionary change was the reduction of the PvP team size from six to five players. The game is aimed to have a comparable PvP experience to the first game while bringing a few new adjustments. As a result, many playable characters underwent changes or complete overhauls.

The game’s gameplay has now been substantially altered as a result of these adjustments and revisions. In the new set of jobs, tanks no longer have a partner to take damage with them. One tank is supported by two DPS, two supports, and two healers, thus in a way, the tank is on their own. As a result, the way the role is done will never be the same.

One of the greatest tank characters to play in Overwatch 2 is analyzed below, however keep in mind that many of them will be be a part of our hero-breakdown and can be quite useful despite not being discussed today because of particular circumstances and team setups.

Sigma – The Floating Tank

Compared to the other tank heroes in Overwatch 2, Sigma is a distinctive tank hero. One reason is that he is the only hero with a floating tank, and the dynamics in battle are unique because of his weaponry.

He is the ideal tank because to his Experimental Barrier, which enables him to make barriers to shield himself and his allies from incoming damage. After five seconds, you can recast these shields.

Despite the modest reduction to his shield regeneration, this, coupled with the upgrades to his shields, gives him a good option for a damage-negating tank. He can also use his Kinetic Grasp to change incoming missiles into shields.

He is one of only two barrier-oriented tank heroes in the game at the moment thanks to his hero design, making him a highly sought-after tank selection. His skill set and combat usefulness are increased by his ultimate’s ability to move both allies and adversaries while doing just enemy damage.

Sigma’s choice of weapon makes him a threat on smaller maps with lots of corridors because he can ricochet the Hyperspheres around and let his opponents feel the full force of his blows. He can do more damage now that his Accretion’s damage has been increased by 30%.

Sigma is much more lethal in the proper hands thanks to all of these adjustments and an increase in his overall health pool.

The Conclusion

Sigma may not be the most fun-to-play hero, but is definitely the best one if you want to contribute to your team and aid others on your way to winning together.

Stay tuned for our next hero analysis, which you can use to decide upon which one to play with, and make the most out of your Overwatch 2 experience.

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