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Overwatch 2 All Hero Select Voice Lines Overwatch 1 Comparisons

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These are the many Heroes available in Overwatch 2, as well as their basic characteristics and the effect of each of the skills they can use in combat.

Overwatch 2 features several dozen controllable characters or Heroes, among which you will have to choose before launching into battle. To make the choice easier, here we leave a list of all available Heroes, as well as their basic characteristics and a detailed description of their abilities.

In the near future, when the meta of the game is well established, we will also talk about the best synergies and counters for each Hero:


A Tank class character is the one in charge of taking enemy damage so that others don’t suffer it. They are Heroes with defensive abilities and their irruption in a firefight can quickly tip the balance against the attackers.


One of the great icons of Overwatch, D.Va has not undergone major changes in its gameplay from the original title. It’s fast and it’s accurate, so it’s a pretty decent choice in hands that don’t need a lot of experience to get the most out of it. Its main problem is that Doomfist is now better prepared as a tank to take his place, as well as offering a smaller target.

It’s pretty obvious how D.Va works: MEKA moves fast, has shields to block projectiles, and launches missiles. You don’t have to be a genius to take advantage of it, although when the MEKA is destroyed, your chances of survival are greatly reduced, of course.


Doomfist has undergone notable changes since his original appearance. He is now a disruptor tank, that is, in addition to his tanking functions, he is dedicated to hindering enemies with his abilities. By blocking frontal damage, he can improve the damage of his rocket fist, which also knocks back the targets hit.

Combine the ease of chaining his abilities with his increased health, regeneration and ability to force enemies to change places and you have a tank with high mobility and with ease to disrupt any strategy.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen is a new tank-type character. It is quite possible that in the near future it will be subject to multiple changes but for now it is a pretty decent tank, although it is far from being the best option because of Doomfist and Winston, who wear the crown of this class.

It has a fairly easy time dealing damage without complicating its life with skill-intensive spectacles. It is easy to control and can do damage with both the shotgun and the knife, which can deal damage both on impact and on return, or pierce through enemies. Her support abilities are also practical, recovering your life and that of allies as well as increasing speed, perfect for repositioning.


We are faced with another character that has undergone changes for this release and, honestly, we hope that others arrive that make her recover some of her effectiveness. We do not recommend playing with Orisa, simply because she does not fit in with the new way of developing the fights.

Now the way of fighting is not so much focused on going in groups and Orisa’s potential consists of doing damage to groups. Therefore, you will only be able to get the most out of her in small maps, which force rivals to get together. This means that, at least for now, her value drops a lot.


We find ourselves with another of the characters modified in a positive way with respect to Overwatch. Reinhardt is a tank focused on clearing the way, forcing enemies to retreat. He is far from a DPS, but the opposing team will be out of the way when the character launches himself on the group, unless they are able to take him down before he reaches their lines.


This is another character at the end of the list of recommendations. The hook is useful for getting dangerous enemies that may be harassing the group out of position, but it makes you the obvious target of the enemy you’re trying to get in the way of. Until they make it a little more efficient, without another tank or support giving you support, it’s nothing more than a practice target.


Sigma has a big problem to be considered top tier and that is that he is too versatile to be a great tank. He is one of those characters that requires very skilled hands and very specific circumstances to be a real threat to the opposing team.

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This new VLs are kinda garbage. OV1 was all about an adventure and having fun, fullfilling a need. OV2 is just bitter and aggressive. Most of the voice lines are all about destruction and killing the opponent, while the previous ones encapsuled the essence of each character. Hanzo? Wants redemption for what he has done. Now? He feels empty because "honor" is all he has left. Winston? Wants to make the better place with an inspiring quote. Now? He sounds like he has the need to change the world, but it doesnt sound like he wants it. This is just sad and I was hoping that the equiring from Microsoft might change the game for the better :c

Is it just me or Orisa sounds way more aggressive in OW2?

Maybe i am misremembering since i haven't played in a long time but i remember Orisa being the friendly robo tank. Now she sounds like she's gonna stick that spear up your ass if you talk back.

ik this is three months old (thank u yt recommended very cool) but god Ana's new line is so fckn good – my absolute favourite voiceline for her is "Witness me", and much like that voiceline, her new spawn quote just gives me chills… chefs kiss miss amari ♡

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