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Overwatch 2 Rumors Regarding New Tank Hero – Mauga

Fans have been guessing about what new characters might be added since the introduction of #Overwatch2 in October, especially after the developers promised that new heroes would be routinely added during the game’s lifespan.

#Mauga is one of these characters. Many fans have their sights set on the #Talon agent as an up-and-coming hero when he was first introduced in a 2019 short fiction about Baptiste. However, who exactly is Mauga?

Mauga’s Backstory

Mauga originally appeared in the short story “What You Left Behind,” in which Baptiste’s troubled history catches up with him while visiting his native Haiti. After stopping for a drink at his preferred local establishment, Baptiste encounters two Talon representatives who have come to pick him up: Mauga, a big man with a tropical-themed outfit who is heavily tattooed, and Nguyen, a well-groomed Vietnamese man.

Readers are given a brief glimpse into Baptiste’s past as a Talon agent in this novella. Along with his former comrades Nguyen and Mauga, who had taken Baptiste under their wing when he joined Talon, the combat medic accomplished missions while serving with the dubious organization.

Baptiste’s old allies force the battlefield medic to assist them on a mission in the Caribbean nation despite his efforts to escape Talon’s control. Mauga equips himself with a set of bulky armor, a coolant strapped to his back, and two machine guns while in the field. He turns on an energy barrier to shield the group as they go through the target’s estate, frequently resorting to force to get past obstacles in his way.

When can the fans expect him?

Mauga has a good chance of becoming a tank character in Overwatch if he does decide to join the team of heroes. Mauga is described as having a massive frame, which is a characteristic of the more durable frontline heroes. Machine guns are frequently carried by tanks in Overwatch (see Orisa and Wrecking Ball), and Mauga’s energy shield makes him a strong option for the position.

Unfortunately, contrary to what many players believed, Mauga will not be joining Overwatch 2 in season two. Ramattra, another tank and the head of the omnic group Null Sector, is taking that position.

It’s probable that Mauga will appear in season four because the development team intends to introduce one new hero every other season, but nothing has been confirmed. Mauga’s status as a playable character and any other details have yet to be disclosed by Blizzard. Players will have to be patient while they wait.

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