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Doomfist in Overwatch 2: skills, gameplay tips and tricks for beginners

The first cycle of Overwatch 2 character guides is closed after going through D. Va (tank), Ashe (DPS) and Ana (Support). Now I return again to the tanks to tell you everything you need to know about Doomfist. I’ll give you a heads up that the character is not at his best at the time of writing this guide.

Doomfist in Overwatch 2

Name: Akande Ogundimu.
Origins: Innate leader and elite warrior, he lost his right arm during the Omnic Crisis, when he joined Talon’s ranks. After rising through the ranks, he ended the life of his superior, the former Doomfist, so he took possession of his eponymous weapon and title. Now, he is determined to plunge the world into a new conflict to fulfill his mysterious end.
Place of Origin: Oyo, Nigeria.
Class: Tank.

Doomfist’s Abilities: cybernetic and avant-garde

Doomfist is a tank hero with cybernetic abilities that allow him to be in the vanguard, have great mobility and inflict damage from a distance. In addition, he can throw enemies through the air and break through enemy lines.

I won’t kid you: Doomfist is at the bottom of the darkest pit during the launch of Overwatch 2. He’s a hero of extremes: either you’re really good at it or you clown around during games, which isn’t a bad thing to do in non-competitive games to learn, but have the courtesy to warn your team via chat.

Doomfist’s strong point is that he belongs to a tank class focused on pressuring and breaching, getting the tank out of the way to create chaos in the enemy ranks. Either you learn to read the games to know when to act or you will die over and over again in front of the opponent’s pure tank.

Hand Cannon: short range scatter shot weapon. Similar to a shotgun. Reloads automatically.
Rocket Fist: hold down to charge the fist and then launch towards an enemy to hit and repel the enemy. Increases damage if the repelled opponent hits something.
Seismic Strike: you jump and hit the ground, dealing damage in a small radius of action.
Power Block: protects you from frontal shots. The more damage you block, the more the power of the next Rocket Fist increases.
Meteor (Ultimate Ability): marks a landing zone to hit after flying through the air and doing a Seismic Strike, but with much more power.
much more powerful.

Tips and tricks for playing with Doomfist

Star combo: Power Block + Rocket Fist. Protect your allies while performing Power Lock and then smash the opponent’s tank with Rocket Fist. This way, you break the front line of combat and leave enemy DPS and Supports unprotected. Problem? Your allies have little or no cover from you.

Constantly breaking the line: your job as a Doomfist is to be constantly hitting the opponent’s front line with your abilities until you break through for your allies. Use your ultimate ability in tight areas and to attack your opponents’ rear and lock the tank between two fronts.
Push and shove: use Hand Cannon and Rocket Fist to push enemies back, and Seismic Strike to take care of some loose DPS. The more you push, the more attention you will get.
Mobility: use your great mobility to move fast, dodge attacks and flank at specific moments. Again, if you don’t know how to read the game, your team will suffer and you will be the one to blame.

Doomfist is probably one of the worst tanks to choose in Overwatch 2. Remember that the game structure has changed and now there is only one tank per game. I don’t see any scenario in which to choose this hero over any other available hero. I still maintain that he needs a tweak that allows him to be more tank and less DPS.

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