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Overwatch Heros playing Jump Rope before game start!

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These are the 6 heroes you should choose in Overwatch 2 if you have just started playing the game

Overwatch 2 has 35 heroes, but for new players not all of them are available in their first games. However, many of the most important and accessible ones can be chosen as soon as you start.

Obviously, the game has characters that are more difficult to handle than others. Therefore, don’t hesitate to start with the simplest ones, which are still just as valid as the others. In this guide we tell you which are the 6 heroes you should choose in Overwatch 2 if you are a beginner.


The tank par excellence. This tank is everything you need to lead the vanguard of your team and you can learn the basics of the role very well by choosing him. Reinhardt has a shield with which to protect entire areas and has plenty of offensive weapons to hit.


Orisa is one of the characters that Blizzard Entertaiment has remade for the launch of Overwatch 2. The Numbani protector is now played following a much more offensive style, something that has become a trend in this sequel.


Reaper is a terrifying hero. His shotguns wreak havoc at close range and he is ideal for flanking the enemy with his shadowy movement, which makes him invulnerable. However, never go into a teamfight, as he has very little life.


Soldier 76 is a very easy to use and lethal dps if mastered. Basically, he’s a guy with an assault rifle who shoots like crazy and has a heal for emergency situations. In addition, he can sprint to get to key locations or escape from tricky situations.

His ultimate marks enemies and shoots them automatically, which is devastating if you catch them half alive. Soldier 76 is the definition of a damage hero and you won’t have a hard time mastering him.


Supports are incredibly valuable to the team. Their function is to keep their teammates alive and no one does that job better than Mercy. This support is the one that best comes to understand this role within the game.


If you’re looking for a more proactive support, Ana is ideal to start getting familiar with everything Overwatch 2 brings to the table. The veteran markswoman has a rifle that heals allies and damages enemies and right now is one of the strongest characters in the game.

On the other hand, she has a very useful grenade for teamfights and a dart that puts the enemy she touches to sleep, one of the best skills in the game. In addition, with Ana you can learn and improve your shooting skills. Aiming is fundamental in Overwatch 2.

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