FIFA Esports Betting | Best Esports Betting Sites 2023

Introduction to esports betting – What is Fifa esports betting?

Since sports were invented, betting became an irreplaceable part of the sports industry and has been evolving to this day. The same thing happened after the appearance of video games, and the global recognition they got from millions of fans pursuing the same dream – to be the best.

The quality of games improved, the talent pools grew larger, tournaments got bigger, and as a result, we have an esports industry whose existance was once unimaginable. If you met somebody in the 80s and told them one day they would be able to bet their money on two teams made out of teenagers playing video games against each other, you’d probably get called names that are inappropriate for this article.

Luckily, we are never going back to that period. On the contrary, the growth potential within the esports industry is massive, so nobody can predict how big it could actually get in 5-10 years.

If you are into football, Fifa esports betting is one of the best ways to follow your favourite star players and teams in the gaming world. Also, betting on FIFA is same to betting on actual sports like football, tennis or NFL. The idea is still the same: wager on a result you anticipate happening. If that happens, your wager is successful!

How to choose the best esports betting sites?

The growth of the esports market led to the development of fantastic betting platforms. But, due to the rapid improvement on the global scale, a lot of not-so-fantastic platforms came to life as well.

That is where we come in, trying to help you separate the good esports betting websites from ones that offer poor service. Hopefully, this article will give you enough information about what should you look for in a betting website, and what should you try to avoid at all costs.

We have picked some of the websites that have been tested by our staff and passed with flying colours. Their reviews will be presented down below, right after the list of basic criteria you should look for when searching for an esports betting website.

– Variety Of Games

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The more games are offered on the given website, the more time and effort went into their creation, which is a great sign that team of professionals is behind it.

It’s also very beneficial for the players – in case you get bored with a certain game, you can easily switch to another one, or if you’re just curious about other titles, you don’t have to look for another website.

– Payment Methods

The basic goal of esports betting is to make money. But, what happens when it’s complicated to make a deposit and start playing, or worse – when it’s hard to withdraw your fairly acquired earnings?

Some websites give players a hard time with payment methods, so it’s a good sign when your site has a multitude of options, allowing you to put in and access your money quickly and simply.

To go one step further, some of the esports betting websites have involved cryptocurrencies as payment options, which makes the financial aspect of playing delightful.

– Reputation

There is an old saying that no marketing is better than word of mouth. Although esports betting is new, more than enough time has passed for serious websites to make a name for themselves and establish a rock-solid reputation.

That doesn’t mean there are no high-quality upcoming platforms out there. It’s just that relying on the market’s point of view will make it easier for you to separate the good from the bad ones, at least while you are learning.

The practical thing to do would be to get as much information about any given website before you trust them with your money. Read the reviews, visit the forums, and ask questions in the comments… If lots of people like them and use them, they must be doing something right, and vice versa.

– Customer Support

When we value someone, we show it to them by giving them a piece of our time. The same goes for esports betting sites. If they have 24/7 customer support, or they’re available in multiple languages through various means of communication, that means they are really interested in helping you whenever you run into a problem related to their website.

On the opposite, if they are hard to reach, rude or unwilling to go out of their way to help you solve the issue at hand, that tells you more than you need to know about them, and you should always avoid sites like those regardless of the promises they’re making.

What are the best esports betting sites out there?

In the vast sea of esports betting sites, picking out the exact best one is next to impossible. However, there are some of them that meet the highest quality standards and are always a good choice regardless of your betting experience.

Down below are some of the esports betting sites that in our modest opinion deserve your attention due to their business ethics and professional conduct. However, feel free to decide for yourself, just make sure you first check them out.


Founded back in 2016, GG.Bet didn’t need much time to take over the esports betting world and establish itself as one of the leaders when it comes to almost all of the biggest games like CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, and many others.

In less than a decade, they went from an upcoming website to one of the most elite esports betting platforms out there, and offering pretty generous bonuses alongside VIP promotions must have had something to do with it.

You can reach the team at GG.Bet via the company’s official Twitter account, a dedicated email service, or by using the company’s quick and convenient email service. Additionally, there are many phone lines you can call in a variety of languages to speak with a representative based on your location.

Since esports betting is their main thing, you can bet their service is top-notch. The number of games offered, the odds, and all types of bets your mind can imagine are what makes GG.Bet an absolute leader in this area.

Whether you are a newbie player, or an experienced veteran, playing with GG.Bet will always be a great website to go with about your esports bets.

2.      PIXEL Bet

The newest participant in the esports betting market is Pixel Bet. Since this esports bookmaker offers the complete package, esports betting at Pixel Bet will provide you with everything you need to elevate your esports betting experiece to a higher level.

If you register your account with them, you currently won’t be receiving any form of welcome bonus from Pixel Bet, but there are indicators this will change shortly. According to what we could discover, Pixel Bet is making great efforts to offer new customers an exceptional welcome bonus.

When compared to other esports betting bookmakers, Pixel Bet stands out for three reasons. First off, Pixel Bet is brilliantly designed, and the site’s general functionality is outstanding. Everything is simple to access and simply takes a few clicks. Second, Pixel Bet is making a concerted effort to offer you quick and safe payments, and they are succeeding admirably. Last but not least, we all understand the value of excellent customer service, and Pixel Bet excels in this area as well.

Pixel Bet offers all required and well-liked solutions for depositing and withdrawing your money. First and foremost, you can make deposits and withdrawals using credit cards. This indicates that they accept both MasterCard and VISA.

Additionally, you can use several e-wallets like NETELLER and Skrill; betting with Trustly is also an option. This is all that Pixel Bet currently offers, and for someone who just started in the market, they have more than you could ask for.

Despite being new to the scene, it’s clear that it won’t be long before they become one of the leading esports betting sites. When this happens, it is sure to improve the welcome bonuses, as well as all other aspects where there is room for improvement. Take the opportunity to become their user while they are still in development phase and you will surely enjoy the benefits they will give out once they reach the global levels of success.


Considering that Bet-At-Home is not exclusively an esports betting website, they provide a wide variety of esports. Users can select from a wide range of esports, from the most well-known games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO to the newest games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

At Bet-At-Home, there are several methods for both depositing and withdrawing money. Transaction timelines can vary depending on the method you pick, ranging from 1 to 3 days, while some options can take up to a month.

There are a number of secure payment options available, including bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Diners Club, and Visa, MasterCard, and others. Most of the accessible options have no transaction fees, and the minimum deposit amount is sometimes under £5.

There are several ways for mobile users to access the Bet-At-Home website. Visit the mobile edition of their site at for the quickest use of the site on a mobile device. Players will be able to browse all sections of the website using this mode, including money management features like deposits and withdrawals.

The Conclusion

Those were our best esports betting sites that currently hold the top 3 spots on the market, and they are definitely the best choice if you are just starting out on your esports betting journey.

We hope that this article was helpful to you and that it encouraged you to learn more about the amazing world of esports. If that’s the case, make sure to read some of our other betting guides right here.


 Is FIFA betting 100% legal?

Absolutely. Esports betting is regulated and requires a provider’s licence, so you can enjoy it without having to worry about the authorities whatsoever.

 How to bet on esports?

 As far as FIFA betting is concerned, that process is rather simple: find your preferred betting operator, open an account on your chosen website, set up preferred payment method and that’s pretty much it.

 What are the main FIFA bets?

It’s pretty much the same as in real football. The main bets revolve around match-winning, goals scored, tournament winning, and live bets.

What are the best FIFA esports betting sites?

 It’s hard to determine only one but the once that stands out are GG.Bet, PIXEL Bet, Bet-at-Home.

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