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With, we introduce to you a bookmaker where you can only bet on eSporting events.

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Bonus validity: 14 days

About Bookmaker review: The eSport bookie for real gamers with XXL portfolio

If you have already attentively read through some of our guides, then you will already be familiar with some of the best known global players amongst bookmakers, who also have a suitable eSport portfolio on offer for our local markets. With these bookmakers, it is all about, for the most part, classical bookmakers who offer eSports as a side-line, but whose focus really lies with mainstream sports like football, tennis or basketball. However with, we introduce to you a bookmaker where you can only bet on eSporting events. In the course of this sports betting test we present a somewhat lesser known bookmaker on the sports betting scene, explain to you why so many gamers use this provider for their betting activities, and show you how to ensure a particularly positive experience with your new customer bonus with

Categories in which was tested:

Bookmaker also needed to score in our ten test categories. In every individual test category, we go into the most important advantages and disadvantages and deliver a verdict of between 0 and 10 points. In this way you can see relatively easily if you can expect a positive experience in the category support services, or payment methods, or not.

Games Portfolio:

All eSport markets covered, and decent game depth (10/10) is a dedicated eSports bookmaker. Therefore it is not so surprising that this provider offers every available eSport game. As well as the well-known games like CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3, here you will also find offers for the newer Blizzard games like Overwatch and Hearthstone. Last but not least, this bookmaker also covers for example World of Tanks Leagues, Call of Duty Leagues, Quake, Halo and Heroes of Newerth.

This bookmaker does not limit itself only to the well know leagues, but also offers betting on lower leagues. This is partly because is not only a bookmaker, but also a sponsor and official partner of many successful eSport teams. For a long time, for example, this bookmaker did not offer a new customer bonus, but rather a type of point collection system for eSport clans. This factor alone has ensured that has become a well-known name in gaming circles.

Regarding the game depth, can hold its head high. Still, eSport is in its infancy and this applies also unfortunately to dedicated eSport bookmakers like Therefore the game depth is often limited to only a few betting options. The biggest game depth at is to be found with the Counter Strike events. Up to 22 betting options are offered for selected events.


Up to 10/20 USD for new customers as additional credit!  (9/10)

Update: 18.07.2017: have removed the bonus offer below from their programme at short notice. According to customer services, it will appear again soon. Nevertheless we briefly summarise the previous bonus here for you, as it gives a good insight for you into the focus of this portal.

So as to make your introduction to the world of eSport betting as simple as possible, and to give you a positive experience of right from the beginning, this bookmaker also offers you a new customer bonus. You have the choice between a 10 and 20 US dollar bonus. When you make an instalment of 10 dollars and use the bonus code SK10, you receive an identical bonus credit of 10 dollars. When you pay in 15 dollars and use the bonus code SK20, you receive an impressive bonus credit of 20 dollars. Before you can pay out this bonus, or associated winnings, you must have turned over the bonus amount 14 times, on bets with odds of 1,75 or more. To do this, you have a 14 day time period, otherwise the bonus and the associated winnings are voided. bonus details:

  • Type of Bonus: Instalment Bonus
  • Maximum bonus: 10/20 USD (Euro instalments are converted to USD
  • Bonus code: SK10/SK20
  • Rollover: 14 x Bonus on bets with odds of 1,75 or higher
  • Bonus validity: 14 days

When you secure the minimal bonus of 10 dollars, you must in turn fulfil a turnover rollover of 140 dollars in 14 days. Or to put it another way: every day for 14 days you must place a ten dollar bet at odds of 1,75 or more. If you decide to take the maximum bonus of 20 dollars, then you must generate 280 dollars turnover in 14 days. When you compare the bonus, and the bonus level with other renowned bookmakers, then with these competitors you get a significantly higher bonus credit. At the same time, other bookmakers also have significantly lower realisation of rollover requirements and offer longer validity period than two weeks.

Alone from the bonus offered this far, one sees that with this bookmaker it is not only about offering sports betting fans a suitable portal, but rather specifically offering gamers a home for their betting activities. Therefore it is more important to this bookmaker that you can use skins as currency, or that they can offer you appropriate cash-back offers. That the current bonus offers are currently not on par with other competitors, is really not serious, as the offer is currently on ice anyway. Here the XXL portfolio of eSport betting opportunities is what matters, rather than bonuses, and therefore nevertheless provides fans with a very positive ESport betting experience.


Gamer focus of is evident in the website design (8/10)

Even on the homepage of the website, there is a marked difference from other classical sports betting portals. is focussed on its core customer base of gamers. Therefore the whole construction and design of the site resembles more a theme from a video game, rather than a classical betting web portal. As we expect that Gamers will find this design particularly appealing,, with its special choice of website design, has made a good decision.

If you are one of those people who are only just beginning your interest in eSports betting, then you might find the multitude of information on the homepage a little overwhelming. In our opinion, one cannot speak here of a puristic website design in which less technically minded people will immediately feel at home. However, these are not the target audience of, and therefore, it is no big deal.

Mobile App and Mobile Website: offers “only” a mobile website (7/10)

Unfortunately this bookmaker does not offer its own mobile App, with which you can bet. However, this is not so bad, as it does provide a mobile version of its website, for betting on the run. You can access it with any mobile end device, and from there use all the functions and features of the classic website. In our field test, the mobile website, in Safari browser on an iPhone, responded quickly and without any interruptions. We were able to access the entire games portfolio, and could also initiate mobile payments. If you have a newer smartphone, then with the help of the mobile website, you will not have to do without notifications.

This is something that for a long time, only mobile Apps have offered. Newer webrowsers on modern Smartphones now also offer notification functions for websites. This can be important especially for Live Betting, when you want to be informed promptly about a change in odds, or the result of a certain event. When you are out and about, sitting in the office, or at the movies, this mobile access can be a great help, enabling you to mobily complete the relevant tasks, so that you are not a slave to your PC or Mac. In the test, the mobile website provided us with a positive experience of

Payment options:

Sufficient + Skin Payment possible (10/10)

With the following options can be used for instalments and, as a rule, disbursements.

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa)
  • ecoPayz
  • GiroPay
  • Webmoney
  • Yandex
  • Bank transfer
  • QIWI
  • Skins

What you immediately notice is that payment with PayPal is not an option. Therefore if you want to pay with an online wallet, you will need to use Skrill or NETeller. Outside of these, for quick instalments, we recommend a credit card. A real unique selling point, that other bookmakers do not offer, is that here you can pay in using Skins. For this, the bookmaker offers the so-called `Skinpay´ function. Go into your player profile and choose the Skinpay option. Then specify which Skins you want to sell. The website will automatically show what credit you will receive for them. If you accept the trade, it is processed further over the Steam mobile App, and the credit appears in your account within 15 minutes.

Odds and Limits:

Good odds with eSports, but no Micro Transactions (7/10)

Here we come to a part of our big sports betting test where we have to differentiate a little. With regards to odds, offers a very even standard. This means that outlier bets, as a rule are not to be found, either for favourites, or outsiders. Favourite odds offered by are generally slightly better than those of well-known bookmakers like bet365 or William Hill. At this point though, an important tip: as long as eSports are still in their infancy, as experienced better you have no option, for sophisticated system or combination bets, to compare odds, and find the best on offer for your chosen event.

Now we come to the more unpleasant part of our results for this test point. If you want to place a bet, you have to stake a minimum amount of one dollar/Euro. Therefore if you intend, for fun, to play an extremely risky combination bet, where you are very unsure of the outcome, you cannot do this in micro transactions. By micro transaction we mean very small stakes, between 20 and 30 cents, placed on a combination bet, which has XXL odds which guarantee, despite a small stake, a big win. The fact that the stake on such a bet has to be at least one dollar or Euros is a restricting factor .Not every player is prepared to potentially throw a dollar away, just for a bit of fun.


Difficult without knowledge of English (7/10)

It is clear from the support offering that this bookmaker is an international sports betting concern. Just like the website, customer service is only offered in English. This means, when you experience a complex problem that you need to discuss with customer service, you can only do this exclusively in English. For this, Live Chat is offered by this provider. In our practice test, we were able to reach a consultant within 30 seconds.

A question, whether a mobile App is available, was answered correctly and promptly. This means, we recommend that if you choose as your preferred platform, you should at least have rudimentary knowledge of English. Alternatively, make sure that you have a friend or acquaintance in the near vicinity who can translate for you, when it comes to communication with customer services.

Live Bets and Cash Out:

The largest Stream offering worldwide  (9/10)

Live betting had become to sports betting like a lid to a pot. By this we understand, that even during a running event, a bet can still be placed. This is for example especially useful when you can see that you are going to loose the bets that you placed before the event began, and so compensate for these losses, by placing live bets. In the Live Betting arena, really sets the standard. This applies particularly to the corresponding live streams on offer. Live streams for all the lower leagues can be found at, and this is an aspect not to be found at many other classical, renowned bookmakers.

A Cash Out function, by which you can cancel your bet and still receive a portion of your stake back, is not offered by

Additional Offers and Betting Tax:

Additional Offer and Betting Tax Levy Waiver (8/10)

In fact, and this our assessment, this bookmaker does not have any classical additional offers, for example like an online casino. This conclusion is inevitable, especially when you compare the few games and slots that this provider additionally offers, to a classical online casino, like that offered by bet365. Then we must say that this bookmaker does not really have any additional offers. The slots and online gambling on offer are intended just for occasional entertainment and distraction from day to day betting. The focus here is really on eSport betting, which is also the unique selling point of this provider, the reason why you register here. Certainly not for the few slot and casino games that you can play here with your sports betting credit.

Despite this, scores again with their betting tax waiver. By this we understand that the bookmaker pays the tax to the German State, without deduction it from your winnings or stakes. Here, when you place a bet of 100 Euro, at odds of 2,00, you receive in return a 200 Euro win. With other bookmakers, who deduct tax from your winnings, you would receive for the same bet only 190 Euro. Ten Euros of your 200 Euro winnings is ceded to the state.

Licence and Safety:

This provider is 100% reliable and safe! (10/10)

The bookmaker has a bookmaking licence in Curacao. If you do a little analysis of sports betting and gambling in the internet, then you will know that there are different issuing agencies. Most licences are awarded in Malta. Somewhat newer are the gambling licences from Schleswig-Holstein, Curacao and Gibraltar. For you, it is irrelevant where the licence is issued. It is only important that a bookmakers is in possession of a valid licence, and fulfils the conditions thereof.

And fulfils these conditions with its Curacao licence in all aspects. In the entire company history of there has not been one case of fraud. We can rate as reliable and guarantee you that you are playing with a safe and serious partner. The Curacaos gambling regulation authorities monitor and regulate this provider at regular intervals. Additionally the website is secured with a Comodo Certificate.

Important Questions about the bookmaker and eSports betting:

To answer this question, we first need to explain a little more. Because it is impossible here for us to name a fixed amount. By means of this simple calculation example we will show you how you can calculate, which bonus is right for you. First, take a look at the rollover, and note how long it is valid. >In our example, the rollover must be dealt with within 14 days. Then decide how much money you can realistically turn over in 14 days. For this example we will assume that in 14 days you can turn over 100 Euros. You then divide this by the conversion factor, in this case 14. The result is 7,15 Euros.

Therefore in order to limit the rollover bonus to 100 Euros, you should limit your instalment to 8 Euros. Since you can only choose between a bonus of 10 or 20 dollars, this means for you: If this calculation above brings you to a total under 10 dollars, then you should decide for the 10 dollar bonus. However if it brings you to a figure over 10 Euros, than you should take the 20 dollar bonus.

Theoretically yes, you can pay out before the rollover is fulfilled, but it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If you do this, you forfeit all your bonus played winnings that you have earned so far. The bonus is also voided and there is no possibility of continuing where you left off. For this reason, consider the above example carefully when deciding which rollover conditions are fulfillable for you. Our Tip: Do not be tempted, to risk more than you can realistically fulfil. A premature cash out can be compared to a classic Quit-Enrage: Afterwards the match is lost and there is no way back!

A really good question. Sometimes it is difficult to follow live commentators or reports, as so many technical terms are thrown about. Commentators of a live event do not spend too much time explaining to casuals what they mean in a nutshell. If terms like a Rush, MapPoint or an Enrage-Quit are all Greek to you, then it is high time that you brush up on your eSports vocabulary. With us you will find an accompanying guide for each game, in which we not only explain the best betting options, but also the most important terminology.

In some cases combination betting is in fact possible, although certainly it is a little more complex than with normal sports markets. For a combination bet one has to combine different betting markets with each other. Systems bets within a game are a very rare occurrence in the eSporting arena, however they are becoming more common, as the game depth grows.

Yea, sports betting, also on eSports is absolutely legal, as long as you use a bookmaker who can prove they have a valid licence. The licencing information can be found, usually quite prominently, (in most cases scroll right to the bottom) on the respective homepages of the various bookmakers, so in checking you will always be on the safe side.

Conclusion: Gamers will love!

Actually it is very simple: to conclude we can say, that is the ideal bookmaker for genuine gamers and eSport enthusiasts. From its name, its website design, to its XXL portfolio of diverse eSporting markets, this provider sets the standard in eSport betting. This is not surprising, as we talk here not of a classic bookmaker, but one concentrated solely on eSport betting. has its origin as a sponsor of diverse eSporting teams, only a few years ago integrated a bookmaking portal, enabling betting on eSport events. A real unique selling point is for instance the option of paying in Skins and also the huge variety of live streams on offer, also for the lower eSporting leagues.

If your sole interest is eSports betting, and you consider yourself a gamer, than we can guarantee you a positive eSports betting experience. Without fail you should consider an exclusive eSport bookmaker, like Even if this bookmaker cannot compete with other renowned bookmakers in the category of new client bonuses, it represents in the arena of eSports betting, an insider tip of the gaming scene.

Bookmaker Features

  • offers eSports betting exclusively
  • offers a new customer  bonus of up to 20 USD
  • Biggest available eSport Portfolio with XXL game depth
  • Accepts Skins as currency
  • Sponsors well known eSporting greats
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