FIFA Soccer Games – Introduction to eSports Betting

Soccer is the most popular sport in many countries, and overall it is certainly the most popular sport in the world, with the most fans and viewers. EA Games made it their business to bring this soccer to consoles and computers some time ago. Every year a new edition of the popular soccer simulation FIFA is released. The newest players are assigned to the new clubs and you can even play soccer online against other real people.

FIFA 20 – the sports betting offer and the Weekend League

Since FIFA added the Ultimate Team mode, there are more and more fans of the popular soccer game. Players from all over the world compete in the weekly Weekend League. In order to survive here, it is important to start the weekend with a strong team. There are 2 ways to get a world class team. Some play until the gamepads glow and others just buy the known packs in which often a “walkout” brings the hoped for player to the surface. The current version of FIFA, i.e. FIFA 20, is thrilling the stream viewers on YouTube and Twitch, but also the sports betting enthusiasts who can place their bets on various eSports betting portals.

The FIFA history

EA's FIFA Soccer Games are the best-selling soccer simulation games in the world. In addition to an annual new edition, competitions are also held in the field of eSports to find the best player in the world. Bookmakers can't get around this game in the long run and now offer almost the same betting options as in a real soccer game.

How to play FIFA?

FIFA can be played in many different modes, so it is up to you whether you play the story mode, which was integrated in FIFA 17, the league mode, in which you have to choose a team and win as much as possible in their league, or the eSports variant with the FIFA Ultimate Team.

If you've never played FIFA before, you can think of it like this: You don't just play one player, but control the whole team. Only the goalkeeper is automated, but can also be taken over and thus controlled.

The goal of a soccer game is to score more goals than the opposing team, just like in real sports. In the league system you automatically climb to the top of the table. In the story mode, the goal is to make the talented “Alex Hunter” a world-famous player. The eSport variant, on the other hand, is mostly a colorful mix with different players from various teams.

General introduction to FIFA Soccer Games betting

As mentioned briefly above, soccer is the most popular sport among many people. Many eSports fans also follow the electronic sport on a daily basis and thus it is inevitable for many bookmakers to leave this electronic sport out. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate to mention that there were only a few tournaments for FIFA 17 and therefore the betting offer was also very manageable. But more about that later.

With FIFA 18, more tournaments are to be started again, which will then also get the chance at bookmakers and can be bet on.

At which bookmakers can you bet on FIFA Soccer Games?

The current version FIFA 17 only offered a chance to bet on the electronic soccer. However, this tournament is on everyone's lips and is therefore offered by almost every bookmaker that also deals with eSports. To provide a little insight, we have picked out three bookmakers and want to introduce them to you briefly.

  • Betway – This bookmaker offers its customers its own eSports category, where there are many games to bet on. FIFA is also one of them. With a well thought-out range of betting options, betway is one of the top bookmakers when it comes to FIFA betting.
  • Bet365 – The well-known bookmaker also offered the biggest FIFA tournament and convinced with a wide range of betting options. If you have ever seen the betting possibilities of a normal soccer match, you can roughly imagine what possibilities existed in the FIFA matches as well.
  • eGamingBets – A relatively unknown bookmaker, but one that focuses completely on eSports. Here is the best chance to find FIFA 18 tournaments that are not listed at other bookmakers due to their size.
  • – Also like eGamingBets, a pure provider for electronic games that can be bet on. The two portals do not give each other very much in terms of offer and odds. Nevertheless, it is always worth comparing the odds at both, as they are two different providers and there are often differences in individual betting options.

Also bookmakers like will certainly still deal with the topic FIFA, at the latest when the new game to the soccer series appears and the first major tournaments are coming up.

Of course, there are other bookmakers that offered that biggest FIFA tournament, however, our focus in the selection of bookmakers in addition to the normal offer was mainly on the different betting options of the games.

When can bets be placed?

FIFA 17 was disappointing for fans of eSports betting. Only the FIFA Interactive World Cup was noticed by bookmakers. However, it must also be said honestly that there were still no big tournaments where a bet would have been worthwhile.

Beside the FIFA Interactive World Cup there are numerous tournaments, but they are not classified in this order of magnitude.

EA Sports itself talked about the fact that with FIFA 18 several tournaments with higher prize money will take place. There is a possibility that bookmakers will take notice and include them in their portfolio. Of course, the best option is still with providers like eGamingBets, which focus purely on eSports and also offer smaller tournaments.

What are the betting options for FIFA Soccer Games?

As in the real competition, there are a lot of betting options available in the electronic competition. However, not every betting option has anything to do with a premonition or the player's knowledge. Many bets such as “Who will take the kickoff” are pure gambling bets and should only be played low if there is any interest in such a bet at all.

Besides the winner and loser bet, there are numerous other betting options:

  • Over or Under bet – Here the bookmaker specifies a certain number of goals. If you think that the given number will be exceeded, you bet on an over. If you think that this number of goals will not be reached, the Under bet is the right choice.
  • Goal bets – Many different goal bets are waiting for you. Who will score the first or the last goal? How many goals will be scored in total?
  • Advantage bet – With how many goals difference will the winner decide the match in his favor?
  • Tournament winner bet – You can also get high odds right from the start by picking a favorite at the beginning of the tournament that you think has what it takes to win the title.

What to consider when betting on FIFA Soccer Games?

As in real soccer, you should collect some information to make a bet successful. The most important information:

  • Current form of the player – How did he perform the last games? How has he prepared for the tournament?
  • Head 2 Head comparison – Especially in FIFA it is worth comparing the opponents. Since FIFA is controlled by one person only and not by a team, a player may like or dislike his opponent.

Many of you will agree with us when we say that virtual soccer is a lot more exciting and, above all, more unpredictable thanks to its speed. You should always keep this in mind before placing a bet.

A small tip at the end for the right bookmaker selection. Many bookmakers offer the big tournaments, but after that, unfortunately, it's already over. It's best to find a bookmaker that will offer betting on FIFA 18 in addition to the FIFA Interactive World Cup.
Many bookmakers also give new customers a bonus on the side. This should be considered as a gift to get to know. With this, you can afford to make a mistake without having to make a new deposit immediately.