Team Heroic Conquers Pinnacle Cup Championship B Defeating Their Arch-Enemy Astralis

Hello there, fellow esports fans! 

Once again, we are bringing you the latest news from the esports world – this time from Denmark, where the battle of CSGO giants took place over the weekend. Team Heroic went against their homeland rivals Astralis in a matchup that was not only about winning the title and the money reward but pride as well.

The City of Lund, Sweden, was the home of the 2022 Pinnacle Cup Championship (from 8th – to 12th of June) where 10 elite CSGO teams fought each other in order to add another LAN title to their trophy cabinets. The quality of the Scandinavian CSGO scene was proven once again by having two regional teams in the finals – and Heroic was the one to edge out heavily favored Astralis.

Down below is the summary of how it all went down, alongside the details that made this matchup epic and gave the whole event a movie-like ending.

The Finals Recap

Since they did not win a single LAN tournament before, team Heroic entered the final battle without any pressure whatsoever compared to their opponents, who were expected to come out on top by many predictors. However, that proved to be a huge mistake considering that Heroic was better in their last matchup that occurred at ESL Pro League Season 15, and that they always delivered great performances when looked upon as underdogs.

Here is how the matchup went:

On the back of a faultless CT side, Heroic started the game with a big victory on Ancient, giving Astralis a crushing loss on the regional rivals’ map selection. Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander’s team struggled to make an impact during the first half, with just the opening three rounds going their way until Heroic threw up a wall, with everyone looking in top form, especially cadiaN on the AWP.

Astralis’ offensive ideas were lacking, and the only round in the last 12 that went their way was one in which Asger “Farlig” Jensen exploited a double opening on the B-site on his own. Heroic threw in a pistol victory to the mix, and the score was soon 14-4 when Astralis made a last-ditch effort to piece together a few rounds, but it was in vain. René “TeSeS” Madsen’s triple on B placed his squad on map point, and the first map was finished in just one round.

From the start, the Overpass map was more closely contested, but Heroic eventually put up another superb CT team to make their mark on the championship final series. After picking up the first round, cadiaN’s squad appeared to be on their way to winning it all, but an eco win the other way halted them in their tracks, and Astralis pulled six together on the CT side after that.

Heroic got to work salvaging the half after a B execute ended the streak, with Martin “stavn” Lund helping them halve the gap with a really spectacular play on the A-bomb site. Astralis’ three-goal lead disappeared once Rasmus “sjuush” “sjuush” “sjuush” “sjuush” “sjuush” “sjuush” “sjuush” “sjuush” ” Beck rose to the occasion in the 2nd pistol round with a triple, and Heroic took control of the defense from there, pushing to a 16-11, 2-0 victory.

The Conclusion

No matter which team you supported, the PCC finals were a pure enjoyment to watch. A lot of great plays were seen, a lot of money was won by both players and the bettors, and the most important part – everybody had fun. From what we have seen over the last couple of days, we are more than eager to see what will the next esports weekend bring us!