Rainbow six: North America league 2023 – week two preview

Oxygen Esports presently leads the rankings with 9 points as the group stage enters its second and final week. Spacestation Gaming and #M80 are second and third with 8 and 7 points, respectively.

The concluding week of activity in the North America League 2023 Stage 1 group stage begins tomorrow and will last until Thursday. Continue reading to learn more about the games this week.

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Spoit and CTZN square off in a European slugfest

Although Europe has won the last three worldwide Rainbow Six Siege tournaments, two of the game’s most lethal players have lately switched regions.

The first of the two was Ben #CTZN McMillan, who partnered Soniqs from G2 Esports to represent the North American roster at the Six Invitational 2023. Later, William #Spoit Löfstedt followed in his footsteps, signing for M80. Both athletes will meet in North America for the first time since departing Europe tomorrow.

Both athletes have struggled thus far and are far from their greatest statistics on the old continent. Lucas #DiasLucas Dias and Pablo #Gryxr Rebeil have been the finest for M80 and Soniqs heading into the second week of activity, respectively. Meanwhile, Spoit and CTZN continue to struggle in America, with SiegeGG scores of 1.03 and 0.91, respectively.

Spoit and CTZN have faced three times since Spoit’s professional start, twice in the European League and once in the Six Berlin Major. Spoit’s squad was victorious in all three contests.

Spoit received a SiegeGG ranking of 1.62 in their first encounter. Later on in the stage, Spoit and Rogue beat G2 Esports in the Six Berlin Major quarter-finals, with the Swede being named MVP with a SiegeGG ranking of 1.18. Finally, Spoit received a SiegeGG ranking of 1.00 in Rogue’s 7-4 win over G2 Esports in Stage 3 of the European League.

SSG against NAL’s top 4

Spacestation Gaming had a difficult start to the season, as the astronauts were forced to go to extra time in three of their first four encounters. Fortunately for SSG, their two OT wins over Soniqs and Mirage on Day 1 and the team’s regulation victory over Parabellum Esports briefly placed them in second place.

However, Spacestation Gaming’s situation will not improve. Spacestation Gaming will only play teams from the top four of the North America League in the second week of competition, beginning with M80 and DarkZero Esports on Wednesday and Oxygen Esports on Thursday.

It is critical to recognize that Spacestation Gaming now faces a significant challenge. The company underwent significant changes during the preseason transfer window, as they not only welcomed three new players but also changed the complete staff team.

Despite the team’s predicament, Spacestation Gaming had very good outcomes from the first week of the stage. The top players on the squad were Jack #J9O Buckard and Alec #Fultz Fultz, who had SiegeGG ratings of 1.22 and 1.16, respectively.

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