Rainbow 6 – Will Team Liquid Be Able To Use Lagonis Properly?

Paulo “psk1” Augusto, who announced his retirement earlier this month, left a position open, therefore Team Liquid announced the addition of Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi as they entered the last stretch of the 2022 season.

Lagonis is a well-known Siege player who is regarded as one of the game’s top IGLs in Brazil. His finest qualities are leadership and experience, and he was essential in helping Team oNe win the Mexico Major championship and build the team for this season. With three rookies, Lagonis was the ideal player to oversee the project, and he guided them to another Major quarterfinal.

But Lagonis’ tenure as a wizard was over after an 18-month stint with Team oNe. Check out the player’s first weekend with Team Liquid to see how he has adapted to the blue cavalry.

Lagonis’ Attack Abilities

AsK has been switched to a more aggressive position, while Lagonis has taken over as the team’s new hard breach and support player.

Lagonis and resetz are the two lowest-rated players in Team Liquid after the initial Stage 3 matches, with SiegeGG Ratings of 0.82 and 0.65, respectively. These ratings are consistent with the role of a support. It is clear that more time will be needed before the team’s full potential can be realized because they are still adjusting to a new IGL and a new play style.

Lagonis played on Villa eight times with Flores and two times with Ace in his first game versus Ninjas in Pyjamas, appearing to share the hard breaching role with resetz. While psk1 was the team resetz was familiar with Hibana on Villa, the closest illustration is their matchup versus XSET at the Charlotte Major.

Given that Squad Liquid has only played the Italian map five times this entire season, it is challenging to utilize Villa to infer Lagonis’ role for the team.

Lagonis, meanwhile, was consistently regarded as the team’s hard breacher and planter when playing Theme Park vs Black Dragons. Lagonis excelled in the attack there, scoring six kills and placing the defuser twice.

Lagonis’ Defense Abilities

Lagonis played mostly Smoke in the hard support position on defense. Despite playing Castle on Villa’s Statue/Trophy Room, Frost on Theme’s Lab/Storage, and Echo on Theme’s Armory/Throne, the Brazilian has played nine defensive rounds with the S.A.S. operator thus far.

The Brazilian played Smoke and Kaid in Liquid’s final game against psk1 on Theme Park, choosing the Moroccan operator each time they played Armory/Throne. Resetz has now taken over for Kaid, albeit he switches the operator with his preferred defense pick, Wamai.

Team Liquid’s next opponents are TropiCaos and w7m esports, with the latter game serving as the featured contest. Lagonis and Julio “JULIO” Giacomelli, both new to their teams, will compete against one another to see who is the current top IGL.

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