Rainbow 6 Siege – Black Dragons & FaZe Clan Earn Their Spot in Jonkoping Major

As a result of their victory over ALPHA Team in the Copa Elite Six lower bracket quarterfinals, Black Dragons have earned a spot in the Jönköping Major. The group is back on the global scene for the first time since its predecessor team participated in the Six Invitational in February 2018.

Additionaly, after their victory over Six Karma in the Copa Elite Six lower bracket quarterfinals, FaZe Clan has earned a spot in the Jönköping Major. The Berlin Major champions had defeated Pampas of South America 2-0 before their match against Six Karma, however they were eliminated from the upper bracket after a close 1-2 loss against Team Liquid.

Black Dragons’ Road to Jonkoping

Black Dragons this time around defeated Mexican team Six Karma 2-0 to begin their Copa Elite Six run. However, they failed to qualify at the outset, losing 1-2 against BR6 2022 kings w7m esports in the upper bracket. However, they will travel to Sweden for the Major next month if they defeat ALPHA.

Black Dragons have finally assembled a team with the quality and experience necessary to qualify for international competition in a region rife with both. The signing of Felipe “nade” Ferreira was the finishing touch, and he has made significant contributions throughout the stage.

Despite making the Jönköping Major, Black Dragons’ chances of making the Six Invitational 2023 are extremely slim because they didn’t make the two previous Majors this year.

They’ll probably have to compete in the regional qualifier for SI 2023, where they’ll battle teams like the BR6 2022 semifinalist Team oNe, the back-to-back Six Invitational semifinalist MIBR, and the former global champions Ninjas in Pyjamas.

FaZe Clan’s Road to Jonkoping

In the BR6, FaZe Clan got out to a good start with four victories and just one defeat, earning 11 of their final 16 points. However, a 1-7 defeat to FURIA Esports and victory in overtime against TropiCaos and MIBR complicated matters near the end of the stage.

FaZe managed to finish in third place and advance to the Copa Elite Six despite losing to Team Liquid in maximum overtime on the final play day. The Berlin Major finalists are one of the favorites to win in Jönköping now that they are back on the global scene.

They join Wolves Esports, Team BDS, Soniqs, Spacestation Gaming, Mirage, and TSM FTX from Europe, as well as CAG, SANDBOX Gaming, and Dire Wolves from Asia.

FaZe Clan has not yet secured a spot at the Six Invitational 2023, but they are quite likely to do so in Jönköping given that they now have a minimum of 800 SI Points.

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