Team Liquid overcomes adversity to defeat EG and win their second consecutive LCS Lock In

League Championship Series (LCS) has always provided its fans with the highest level of competition, and this time was no exception. The final match-up between Liquid and EG was a delight to watch, as two of the #Esports giants went against each other trying to add another title to their legacy.

Like the elite organization that they are, Liquid was able to bounce back from certain mistakes and win against a very dangerous squad in EG. Although the victory was sweet by itself, what makes it even better is that it's followed by another great accomplishment – being Liquid's second consecutive Lock In Championship.

Teething issues

Early game struggles of Liquid's players caused some worries, but they were resolved due to their calmness and the ability not to get overwhelmed by panic in times of crisis. Playing patiently, waiting for the right opportunities to attack, and just playing a long-term game overall is what allowed them to take over once the circumstances were stacked in their favor. Once they were in their zone, they completely nullified EG's resistance and took the 3:0 victory.

Some games seem to be decided early, but everything could change in a matter of seconds. Game one was one of those, giving us an unexpected twist when EG made an error during the team fight, giving Bjergsen's Sylas a quadra kill. From that point, things started going downhill for EG, causing them to lose the advantage they fought so hard to get.

Games two and three were nothing less than impressive. The primary battle was going on at the bottom lane, with almost 80% of the activity being concentrated in that part of the map. Liquid duo consisting of “Eyla” and “Hans sama” were able to hold the bottom by themselves, successfully neutralizing all of the EG's attempts to get back into the game. What makes their performance perfect is the fact “Hans sama” did not die even once during the second game.

Liquid take over

EG seemed to be in control during the early stages of game three, giving them some hope that they might turn things in their favor. But, after a while, there was a situation where “Hans sama” used his experience to get multiple kills, which changed the game's momentum. After gaining a significant advantage, Liquid never dropped the ball until the very end, crushing the late game and taking home another LCS Lock In Championship.

From the first time LCS Lock In Championship was presented, there has only been one champion – Team Liquid. Although their roster suffered some changes compared to the previous year, their form seems pretty intact.

Since LCS Spring is approaching, it will be interesting to see how they prepare for the upcoming competition that will most definitely be looking to dethrone them. Regardless of which teams end up in the finals, the biggest beneficiaries will be us – the fans, because if one thing is sure, it's that the whole tournament will be filled with unbelievably exciting match-ups.