Rainbow 6 North American Open Qualifier Teams Breakdown

The first open qualifying for the Six Invitational 2023 was held over the previous weekend in North America.

Three Phase 1 brackets, with a total of 63 teams each, were played on December 3. On December 4th, the victor of each game faced RealityTV, the NACL 2022 champions.

The victor of Phase 2 will be added to the roster of the Closed Qualifier, which will take place on January 21 and 22, along with TSM, Spacestation Gaming, and a second qualifier. Here, it will be chosen who will represent North America as the sixth team at the Six Invitational the next year, joining DarkZero Esports, Astralis, XSET, Oxygen Esports, and Soniqs.

Team Mirage

Tyler #Kento Ross, their head coach, and their assistant coach were all benched by Mirage after they participated in the Six Jönköping Major the previous week. Paul #Hyper Kontopanagiotis, a former member of DarkZero, joined Mirage just for this qualifier, however Mirage has yet to officially announce his arrival because it appears he won’t be a long-term member of the squad.

In light of this, Mirage had one of the strongest rosters throughout the preliminary round of the qualifier. They only lost five rounds in their first four games, including a 7-1 victory over Benjamin #Benji Butler, a participant in the Paris Major, which allowed us to finally witness their encounter with Benjamin #Benjimoola Ligacki.

Their only challenge was when they faced beastcoast in the grand final of the first phase.

Parabellum Esports

Jaidan #Packer and George #SilentEndz Hernandez made their Parabellum debuts in this match, joining to take the place of Xavier #Eskaa Avoine and Connor #Azian Felux.

Three days before, they had lost their first SCS game, 3-7, and three days later, they had lost their first SI qualifying game to a team named “Finkas in Paris,” which had no active or former professionals on their roster.

The Challenger League team Arial Arise, who went out to #Stay Safe and included former TSM player Khalil #b1ologic Pleas, eliminated Finkas in Paris. Arial Arise had earlier that week defeated Parabellum.

Last but not least, “Didn’t Ask,” a team that had previously participated in the Season 5 SCS qualifications, shocked everyone by winning the bracket.

Luminosity Gaming

During Stages 2 and 3 of the NA Challenger League, LG came in second. Since then, Azian from Parabellum has returned to the roster via a trade, with SilentEndz moving in the other direction.

Their fellow Challenger League roster, Investigation File, presented them with the most difficulty; therefore their trip through the initial open bracket was very straightforward. Nevertheless, the final score was 7-4.

LG defeated the reorganized Wichita Wolves 7-3 in the championship game. The nucleus of the roster played for the Wichita Wolves before the team left R6 in May, prior to joining LG. Now that the Wolves have returned to the game in November, LG has demonstrated to them who is the best.

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