Overwatch 2 – Blizzard Says Sorry By Offering Free Stuff – Here Is How To Get It

Due to the multiple DDoS assaults, congestion problems, and some rather significant faults that developers labored hard to fix, anyone attempting to play Overwatch 2 during the first week was probably confronted with an endless stream of errors, glitches, and crashes.

What really happened?

A week after its release, the game is still plagued with several flaws and glitches, including the fact that some players’ heroes are locked as if they were brand-new players, even though this feature is solely meant for those who have never played before. Additionally, LC-208 problems, account merger failures, and other game flaws are still being reported by users.

Players will receive some in-game goodies as restitution for the stability concerns that have been addressed. A new Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary skin and a Health Pack weapon charm will be given to any player that logs in between October 25 and the conclusion of season one.

When players initially log in during that timeframe, they will be able to see the offerings.

Additionally, numerous double match XP weekends are being planned by the Overwatch development team to aid players in moving forward in their battle passes, although no specific dates have been provided at this time. The blog article mentions that there will be a number of double match XP weekends, but the precise dates will soon be disclosed.

Even while Overwatch 2 still has a few problems and queues, most gamers can at least play without too many restrictions.

Players should be able to catch up on lost time and progress their Overwatch battle passes to where it would have been if they were allowed to play during the downtime with the double match XP weekends.

How To Claim Your Free Overwatch 2 Stuff?

There are a few surprises in your Overwatch goodie bag for all the gamers that dealt with Overwatch 2’s rocky launch.

Simply log in between October 25 until the conclusion of season one to receive them.

The Blizzard decided that two items are a proper way of apologizing for the troubles players had at the beginning — Health Pack Weapon Charm, and Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary Skin.

These two things, which represent all the difficulties you had to even enter the game, will be all yours if you check in within that time.

Here you go, flaunt your brand-new skins, join Overwatch 2, and display your combat skills.

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