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Overwatch | How To Turn Off Motion Controls / Gyro Aiming


Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced first-person shooter video game from Blizzard Entertainment. Its release marks the end of all servers for its predecessor. If you’re a newcomer to the franchise, choosing the right controls can be a bit tricky for this fast-paced shooter. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find the best controller settings for Overwatch 2.

Briefly showing you guys new to Overwatch on the Nintendo switch how to disable or turn off the motion controls on the game which is call gyro aiming.

The best controller settings for Overwatch 2.

We’ve compiled all the most suitable and efficient controller settings for gamers. We have divided it into three main criteria and they are:

  • Aiming settings
  • Gyroscope settings
  • Reticle settings

Gyro settings

Gyro orientation: Off
Gyro pointing assist: On
Gyro Presets gyro option: Custom


Invert gyro pitch axis: Disabled
Invert gyro yaw axis: On
Invert gyro roll axis: Disabled
Gyro pitch axis sensitivity: 0
Gyro YAW axis sensitivity: 75
ROLL axis sensitivity: 30
Disable Gyro while using the Stick: On


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51 Replies to “Overwatch | How To Turn Off Motion Controls / Gyro Aiming”

Informative video. Still,i'd recommend every new player to actually use gyro controls. It may feel weird at first but actually makes aiming much easier. If you don't use gyro aim you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage. I think it's great that nintendo nowadays gives you the choice to turn motion controls off. I just hope that people don't reject it on site because you pretty much handicap yourself by playing with analog sticks

This motion control garbage was really ruining the experience for me. Like I feel like as a new beginer that just started playing Overwatch i was really getting beat up bad in the game cause I was forced to keep the controller so still without moving it at all but, that only made the game so difficult cause if you moved the controller just a tad your character would completely aim in the opposite direction causing me to get killed countless times. This was super stressful but, I'm glad I can finally turn motion controls off for good. There should never be a competitive online first person shooter game that has you using motion control.

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