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Overwatch – Ana Console Buff – My Settings

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Hello people here Bastion with the weekly news and this is very special for Ana players on both Xbox and ps4 because as we know console and pc are too different in terms of sensitivity and mode of use of some character and although there may be minimal differences when playing in Ana there has been a difference of up to 7% between console and pc and that is why this change announced just yesterday by one of the main developers of the game.

In if this small buff will give an additional option that would be assisted marksmanship to allies which would allow Ana to be more effective when using the sniper mode and function as a healer at the same time. Ana’s update is expected to arrive at the same time as Winter’s Paradise or in one of the updates close to it.

The 2018 Summer Games have arrived in Overwatch and with them many changes that will impact the metagame. Some characters were weakened, while others benefited. So let’s take a look at all the changes in patch

Overwatch 2 developers want more ‘Mercy-style’ support heroes with less focus on targeting.

Overwatch 2 developers got candid about the types of heroes they want in the long-awaited sequel and teased the release of more Mercy-style supports.

Overwatch’s wild cast of heroes has an incredibly diverse skill set to suit a variety of play styles.

With so much to choose from, it’s surprising that there are only a handful of characters that don’t need precision to make an impact, with Mercy being one of the best examples.

Ultimately, Mercy-style heroes are exactly what Overwatch 2’s developers talked about adding later on, especially with more characters planned after launch.

Overwatch 2 will add more Mercy-like mounts

In a recent interview, lead hero designer Geoff Goodman talked about new heroes that might not be as focused on as Ana or Baptiste and the team’s design philosophy.

“We want to make sure there are more ways to express your abilities than just aiming. Mercy was a very early example,” he said, explaining how he personally disagreed with those who think she is an under-skilled heroine. “There are so many skills it takes to position yourself well and decide when to Rez. “

According to Goodman, that kind of hero is something the team wants to keep adding and plans to do.

“Lately, especially on the support side, we’ve been talking about adding more of the less objective-focused Mercy style. Some of our most popular supports, like Zenyatta and Ana, are very objective-oriented, but we started thinking that maybe we needed a more pure Mercy style,” he continued.

Goodman further stated that these heroes would be more focused on their own team, but could make big plays “off-target”. It’s definitely something we talk about a lot and plan to do more of in the future,” said the hero designer.

Overwatch has a few more props currently in the works, including a fox-like hero being teased. We’ll have to see if they end up looking more like Mercy when they’re finally revealed in future seasons of OW2.

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I found the aim assist to be too strong. Often times I want to hit a specific target and my aim gets pulled. I did the opposite and kept it off and lowered the aim assist. I think aim preference is more decided by you're style. An agressive Ana benefits from a lower sens and high aim assist in order to not over flick targets and have more of a Mcree play style, whereas a passive Ana benifits from a higher sens and a lower aim assist and a more PC widow style. Imo of course.

I was conflicted to use this friendly aim assist because I do main Ana on console and I trusted my aim. But then I switched to linear from dual zone and messed with my settings a bit and OMG I am so much better at tracking and getting kills. And with this new option I am even better at Ana. Thanks Chit for all the tips and hopefully more people will find you someday 🙂

I tried it and it feels so good srsly it helped me so much I can’t believe that I actually can land shots on Genji and Tracer I used to play Ana a lot but after Mercy changes I switched to her I’m probably gonna play Ana more but I still struggle with landing her sleeping darts

I think I am the only one who is in gm with linear ramp, and I saw your linear ramp settings and your background footage, and you really have to put that aime ease in lower than 20 considering that you use 60/50 sensitivity, it will make your crosshair and stick movement look way smoother

This change was a godsend honestly. Ana was the first support I ever played because I'm attracted to high skill cap characters in general and even though I was good with her my reliability never felt consistent, especially as a solo healer. So is Linear better for Ana and compliments this new setting better than Dual Zone?

The problem with dual zone is that if your target gets too close it's literally impossible to track cos your sensitivity is either too slow or it jumps up to way too fast. And with ana you're normally really close to your target (teammates) so linear ramp with some ease in is usually better for ana

What is linear ramp exactly. I watched your video and several others talking about it but I don't understand why so many people swear by it. I tried it out and it just makes my aim super fast with no buildup time and it feels awkward. Should I be using it with aim smoothing or aim ease? What even do those options do? Like I said I tried messing with everything and all it does is make my aim super jerky so that tracking is incredibly difficult

Hello and thanks for your video! I used to keep vertical sens different from horizontal as in your video but a lot of people told me that it's not good for muscle memory against Pharah. Is it right? Why do you keep it it different? Thanks.

The only annoying thing about it is tryna hit sleep darts. I tend to flick when Im about to sleep somebody and having my screen slow down when a Tracer is coming from behind kinda gets on my nerves. But I do notice that my healing done average is increased

As a fellow Ana player I totally agree with the the night and day difference. However, my shot is great too, but I use 80 on my aim assist. Especially since dive has become such a big thing help helps since I have low mobility to hit those longer range shots that my tanks and higher mobility teammates need. It's nice to be able to play her at a plat level and see people being ok with my choice rather than being begged for a mercy.

What's linear ramp and dual zone? I'm really interested because I love playing Ana and only have hit one season with her to diamond but can't seem to get any higher… really want to try the new aim assist and settings you have

I have 100/95 for Ana with 100 friendly aim assist and it's fucking amazing you can constantly spin around and heal with perfect accuracy and flicking is extremely easy i haven't had any problems with the cross hair getting dragged off a certain target because i can make the big adjustments with the higher sensitivity and the aim assist will do the rest

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