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Overwatch – 4 Things Console Needs

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Overwatch 2 free: what time servers open and minimum requirements

We are going to explain what you need to prepare for the arrival of Overwatch 2, the game that will replace Overwatch. Overwatch 2 is a multiplayer shooter with 5 vs. 5 player matches, and will be available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and 4, and Nintendo Switch.

We are going to start the article by explaining two of its main features, that it is a Free to play game and that it is cross-play and cross-progress. Then, we will tell you at what time the servers open so you can start playing, and what are its minimum and recommended specifications.

What does free to play mean?

The term Free to play means that the game is free, or in other words, that you will not need to pay anything to download and play it. It is a type of mode that is becoming increasingly popular in multiplayer online games.

However, you should also know that what is free is the base of the game, and that Overwatch 2 will have a micropayment system with which you can purchase heroes, skins with skins, power-ups and other items such as emotes, victory poses, user cards, sprays, player icons, etc.

In addition to this, Overwatch 2 will be composed of seasons. This means that every few months a season will be released, and in each of them you will be able to buy a battle pass. Each season will have a theme with skins and items that you can unlock by playing and leveling up, but if you pay for the season pass you will get many more things by playing.

So playing Overwatch 2 will be free, you won’t need to pay to enter the games. However, if you want to get certain heroes or customize your look or that of the game, then you will have to pay. The same goes if you want to get more goodies in the seasons, although all of these payments are optional.

There will be cross-play and progress

Overwatch 2 will also feature cross-play and cross-progress. Cross-progress means that in your Overwatch account you will be able to link several devices, such as your console or your PC, and then play from any of them with a single account. Thus, everything you get playing on PC you will also have if you switch to console or the other way around.

And being cross-play, which means that all players will play on the same servers regardless of their console or PC. There will be no separations, and when you start a game from PC you will also face people playing from consoles, not only from PCs.

What time Overwatch 2 comes out

Overwatch 2 will officially release today, October 4, 2022. Throughout today, the game developers will be fine-tuning the game and servers, and when the servers launch you can start installing the game and playing your first matches.

The servers will be activated at 21:00 Spanish peninsular time, 20:00 if you live in the Canary Islands, which will be when you can start using the game. That is, its official launch. The start time will be the same all over the world, which means that while in Spain it will be at 21:00, in countries like Argentina it will be at 16:00.

One thing you should know is that when the game is officially launched there will be a lot of player traffic trying to access the servers. This means that it is very possible that some problems and access queues will be experienced, although everything will depend on how much Blizzard has invested in them.

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For the in game chat we could also use an app.

More console specific balencing would be super nice. I think Widow could use a buff as she's mega hard to play and often seen as a throw pick. Maybe something simple as increasing the size of her bullet hit box. Also a nerf to Symetra as she's super oppressive to play against and I've even heard people say she's OP, same with Pharah.

A solution to smurf as they're free to make. I smurf a lot, and it does feel odd I can make infinit accounts for free. And from levels 1-25 every game has at least 2 smurfs.

Make mouse and keyboarding a bannable offense.

Being able to play split screen would be super cool. Idk if console could handle it tho, and you'd have to ban it in comp.

the ptr thing will never happen, the ptr is basically another game also the ptr is able to exist because blizzard can freely update the game on pc and it’s free because it’s on their own client battlenet, on playstation and xbox they have to go through sony and microsoft not only ahead of time but the updates cost money not to mention it’s going to cost a lot to even get it up as a function and require a lot of resources and manpower to make

Eww console gaming. Might aswell think of console Overwatch as an iPad version of the real game on PC. I've played both. It is amazing as to how different the game is. Console version is so easy. No shit, real story here. A few months ago a mate and I used the Xbox One option to use 2 controllers to play 1 account. We played 3 games. We controlled half the controller each. We went gold elims all games and in one game we had 4 gold. 4 GOLD. 2 people playing as 1 fucking Hero… Come on plebs. Don't even try to suggest you have any say in what goes on in the gaming world.

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