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Spawntrap meta – Overwatch reinhardt Competitive smurffing solo queue – gameplay only

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Reinhardt is a champion who lives by the chivalric codes of valor, justice and courage. Clad in his powered armor, he launches a rocket-powered attack and defends his allies with the power of his hammer and a massive energy barrier.


Reinhardt Wilhelm lives by the chivalric codes of valor, justice and courage. He is one of the founders of Overwatch and has fought for good around the world for decades. After the fall of the organization, he traveled through Europe as a knight of old and defended the innocent alongside Brigitte, his squire, until Winston’s call brought him back to the fight alongside Overwatch.


Overwatch 2 brings big changes to the game system and its characters, Reinhardt being one of the tanks par excellence, so we bring you a Reinhardt guide. His main role as a tank, a role that has suffered cuts, going from 2 to 1 tank, causes that now the teams are 5 players instead of 6. In this position now falls much greater responsibility, so now it is more important that we learn perfectly how to play with Reinhardt.


One of the biggest changes in the skill kit of the characters that create the cast of heroes is Reinhardt, but his play style remains quite similar to the original game. Many players will remember him as a moving wall thanks to his Protective Field, a playstyle he still maintains, even though the barrier’s stamina points are much lower.

A second charge and improvements to his Fire Wave ability now create a much more aggressive Reinhardt than his previous version, while still maintaining the defensive style that many fans remember. Another change for the better is his Onslaught ability, which now has a higher spin speed to catch enemies, giving players a better chance to go on the offensive without creating a disadvantage for our team.

His famous and reliable Jet Hammer is the only one that remains unchanged, causing melee damage in a 5-meter cone. Although his main role is still to protect his teammates, there are very few heroes who can withstand his classic combo of Ram, Fire Wave and hits with his Reaction Hammer.


Now let’s move on to take a closer look at each of our hero’s skills so you can familiarize yourselves with the tips we’ll also show you.


His main weapon and one of the 2 main melee weapons. His attack speed is a side-to-side hammer every second, doing 85 damage per hit to all enemies in a 5 meter cone in front of Reinhardt, allowing him to devastate groups of enemies close together. Very few heroes are able to withstand these blows, let alone get close to attacking head-on, making his blows only able to be launched after hitting enemies with Seismic or at the end of an Onslaught.


Our hero’s flagship ability projects a barrier that is capable of stopping bullets, projectiles and explosives. The main function of the barrier is not to save himself, but to provide our companions with cover to shoot or heal. Although the barrier has undergone negative changes in terms of regenerative ability and the amount of damage points it can absorb, it is still among the toughest in all of Overwatch.


Onslaught is the skill that has undergone the most changes, making it easier to use, but in turn less important. Onslaught launches us forward at high speed, trapping any enemy heroes that pass overhead. Any trapped heroes will be damaged if we hit a solid object; however, the damage taken by enemy heroes has been decreased. In return, the swing speed has been increased to 50%, making it easier to catch heroes, and the recharge time has also been reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds, being able to cancel the charge at any time.


The only ranged ability in our kit has also undergone major changes for the better, receiving an extra charge that we can fire if we wish in a row one after another, giving greater offensive power to our hero. In exchange for giving us a second charge, the damage has been decreased from 100 to 90. This projectile is able to pass through protective barriers and finish off enemies at a distance who try to escape.


The ultimate and most powerful ability, a devastating frontal cone that damages and stuns enemies in front of Reinhardt. Despite the strong offensive power of Seismus, it can be stopped by ground level barriers and will not affect enemies that are not in sight.