LCS 2022 Summer Split – Evil Geniuses and CLG steal the show

The largest League of Legends competition started on June 17 and will go on until August 20, featuring a lot of well-known names, such as 100Thieves, Cloud9, Dignitas, Team Liquid, Immortals, Evil Geniuses, and many others.

There is an unwritten rule that the first weeks of any esports event provide the spectators with a blast.

This time, the rule proved to be true as Week 1 of the League of Legends LCS 2022 Summer is behind us, giving us lots to talk about while waiting for the tournament to continue.

Week 1 Recap

Spring Split started fantastically for Evil Geniuses as they managed to find ways around the opponents in all of their bouts, earning a perfect 3-0 score. This does not come as a big surprise since EG won the Spring Split in the same fashion, and judging by the latest matches, their form has not dropped a single bit.

On the other hand, a team that nobody expected to earn the perfect 3-0 opening was CLG, who took their group by the storm and made the biggest upset in the last five years of the tournament.

Their recent success raised a lot of questions since they have not been the most consistent team lately. The fans would like to know if there is really the big comeback of what once was a contending CLG team, or was this perfect start just a matter of lucky circumstances?

Only time will tell what’s going on within their roster, but regardless of that, they should enjoy their current position because it could create a strongly needed momentum they’ve lacked in the previous months.

LSC 2022 Summer Split – Tournament Analysis

The next stage of matches will continue on June 25 when some of the teams will get the chance to improve their position. Place your bets here.

Even though there are lots of matches to be played until August, and lots of opportunities for teams to climb up and fall down, here are the current standings based on performances from Week 1:

Team Matches


Wins Losses


CLG 3 3 0


3 3 0




3 3 0


3 2 1


3 1 2
Immortals 3 1 2
TSM 3 1 2
Cloud9 3 0 3
Dignitas 3 0 3


As expected, Team Liquid is right there at the top next to CLG and Evil Geniuses. They were one of the favorites before the beginning of the event, so it will be interesting how will things play out between them and the new contenders.

One of the names that did not meet the expectations so far is Cloud9 – going from favorites to earning 0-3 after week one. They are still far from not being able to bounce back, but nobody could’ve seen this type of scenario coming for them.

As you can see, there are lots of twists and turns when it comes to League of Legends LCS 2022 Summer Split. In case you’ve missed week 1, don’t worry, because there are still a lot of matchups ahead of us, which means you can use your esports knowledge to get yourself more than just a spectator experience.

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