League of Legends – More Changes for Evil Geniuses in the Off-Season

In North American #LeagueofLegends, #EG is now leading the way in a new era by supporting local youth talent. By winning the organization’s first domestic #LCS championship during the 2022 Spring Split, EG achieved that accomplishment on a local level. But EG also struggled and failed to make the playoffs, much like the other two #NAWorlds2022 squads.

Following the underwhelming result, it appears that even EG is considering changing their starting lineup for 2023. With a few mainstays on its roster, EG has a lot more certainty than powerful NA organizations like 100 Thieves and Team Liquid.

The Future Plan of Evil Geniuses

Let’s start with the obvious returning starters. In the LCS, Jojopyun is undoubtedly the most talented player and will likely remain so for some time. The 18-year-old Canadian prodigy is so talented that his teammate Inspired even referred to him as “the next Caps.” According to the League worldwide contract database, Jojopyun is still contractually bound to EG till November 2024. Jojopyun won’t be doing without an EG shirt for long.

The reigning MVP of the 2022 LCS Summer Split, Inspired, is another EG player whose contract has the same expiration date. The European import was by far the team’s most reliable player during the summer and during the team’s fall international tour. If nothing unexpected happens, Inspired’s position as EG’s starting jungler is as assured as Jojopyun’s in mid lane.

Vulcan, one of the LCS’s loudest voices, is the last speaker. There have been no rumors of Vulcan losing his position in the bot lane despite a disappointing performance in the Worlds group stage. As with his mid and jungle opponents from last year’s EG squad, Vulcan is still under contract till November 2024.

Top Lane Solution

For EG fans, the top lane has been the most exciting and honestly shocking aspect of the summer. Many people started to make roster improvement predictions after EG’s group stage loss from Worlds. When the offseason first began, the notion of removing Impact from the squad was not one that was being discussed, but it now seems possible that EG may really do this in the future.

Recently, it was revealed that EG will be hiring renowned Academy top-lane prodigy Milan #Tenacity Oleksij. Tenacity played with 100 Thieves during the previous split, spending the most of his time with 100T Academy but also participating in a few games for the main team during the 2021 LCS Lock-In event. Both 100 Thieves supporters, who had been advocating for Tenacity’s elevation to the team’s starting LCS lineup all offseason, were taken aback by this alleged change.

AD Carry Solution

One week before the LCS’s free agency period begins, EG’s AD carry is the only other unanswered question. It was announced around Halloween that star ADC Danny will not be returning to EG in 2023 in order to continue focusing on his mental health. Danny was absent throughout EG’s international run through the Worlds play-in and group stages as well as to the completion of the 2022 LCS Summer Split playoffs.

During that time, Muhammed Hasan “Kaori” Entürk, who was promoted from EG Academy, took over as Danny’s successor for EG. The general opinion among LCS supporters was that Kaori had done well in the starting lineup despite failing to win the LCS championship and making a strong showing at Worlds. It was anticipated that EG will invite Kaori back for the following season despite the revelation that Danny would continue to be absent from the squad till 2023.

However, when journalist Alejandro Gomis revealed that Kaori would be joining Karmine Corp for 2023, their hopes were dashed. Since Kaori is still bound to EG for the upcoming offseason, EG might theoretically block this move. However, it appears like EG is currently lacking a starting LCS ADC.

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