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Meet Fei – Honor of Kings Most Dangerous Assasin

Honor of Kings has created a huge buzz in a short period of time resulting in a fan base counted in millions. Seeing the influence of the game, the studio made a huge leap forward and obviously invested a lot in the team of developers who worked to create some of the most fantastic heroes out there.

Today we bring you one of the best assasin heroes, which you can choose alongside other Honor of Kings character classes – Warrior, Mage, Archer, Tank, and Support.

Fei’s backstory

The prince of the Jade Fortress is a formidable assassin to jungle with since he can get closer to the enemies to slay them while having fun going through walls such as the border of the battlefield because he is wielding a magical sword that lets him to jump through walls.

Legend has it that there have been many different city-states in the great desert in the cloud throughout history, but only a select few have survived endless conflicts and chaos, and Yucheng is one of those select few. One, the jade trade surge helped it to prosper.

In the eyes of the Yucheng people, he is a handsome and suave son who spends money like there is no tomorrow; in the eyes of the royal ministers, he is a free and unrestrained prince; but in the heart of his younger brother Sheng, with whom he has shared a life since childhood, he has always been perplexed by how Fei is growing more and more idle. Big brother Fei is the person Sheng both loves and despises.

Fei’s abilities:

  • Vision of Jade (passive): Standing on walls gives Fei a larger field of vision and allows him to walk around freely while receiving an extra 100 movement speed. Jade Steps’ basic strike regenerates 5 energy.
  • Jade Boomerang/Jade Frontal Strike: Fei leaps off the wall, moving a short distance forward while dealing 180/220/260/300/350/380 physical damage to any opponents in his path. He also gains 75% attack speed. Fei then enhances his next two basic attacks, dealing 250/280/300/ (+70%AD) extra damage and regenerating 80/85/90/95/100/115 HP for each basic attack.
  • Jade Steps: Fei can use Jade Frontal Strike to leap off the wall while he is standing there. Jade Steps will be on cooldown once he successfully executed a jump from a wall; the total cooldown time will depend on how much energy he has left. When Fei is atop a wall, there is no time restriction, allowing him to, if necessary, run to the opposing base. When standing on top of walls, Fei is unable to use his basic attack, and the walls themselves have invisible barriers.
  • Jade Seal (ulti): Fei makes a half-circle motion with his blade forward, delivering 300 (+60% AD) physical damage and imprinting spiritual jade on all targets. This power can be used once more to do additional damage to nearby enemies, striking them four times.

The first three strikes each deliver 50 (+25% AD) physical damage and restore 25 (+10% AD) HP to Fei. The fourth and final strike deals 150 (+60% AD) physical damage, restores 50 (+20% AD) HP, and gives Fei vision of the foe.

The amount of healing can increase by up to twice its initial number depending on how low in HP Fei is. The enemy will be killed with the final blow of the Jade Seal when the target’s maximum health is less than 12%. Executing an enemy will award 100 energy and restore 50% of the Jade Steps cooldown.

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