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Honor of Kings Best Support Hero – Jin Chan

Honor of Kings is one of the most successful MOBA’s ever created. Millions of players around the world are enjoying the battle experience through some of the coolest champions ever made.

Today we bring you one of the coolest support heroes, which you can choose alongside other Honor of Kings character classes – Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Tank.

Jin Chan’s Story

Jin Chan belonged to the priesthood in the past. He values each plant and tree and is innately gentle and caring. He has always been committed to the practice of truth, becoming the youngest “practitioner” among the clergy, and was given the ability to practice by Nu Wa, in contrast to his fellow priests who sought power and strength. “Three Artifacts” is the author’s greatest inheritance.

Jin Chan, who experienced the suffering of the gods’ desires and felt compassion for the suffering of the devil’s fate, hoped that through his own practice, he could discover the ultimate solution that could free all beings from the sea of suffering – the true meaning of life – and he started to apply what he had learned.

Every day, the body and mind are understood, and it is inscribed on the body as a “god design.”

Jin Chan’s Abilities

Sacred Cloak (passive): Any sources of harm that inflict more than 6% of Jin Chan’s HP will have 35–45% of their effects reduced. This passive will be transmitted to surrounding teammates once he uses his ultimate.

Circle of Binding: In addition to trapping the first enemy he chooses for three seconds, Jin Chan also deals nearby enemies 200/225/250/275/300/325 (+40% AP) magic damage.

The hoop provides vision and follows the target at a set speed. Any form of mobility ability, including teleports like blink and teleports, is ineffective for the trapped target to escape the hoop. Cause the target to slow down by an additional 50% when the Seal of Samsara is released.

Staff of The Nine Rings: The nine magic rings on Jin Chan’s staff are released, forming a magic circle around the target point and dealing 270/300/33/360/420(+28% AP) magic damage. The magic circle will activate a ring and deal a tick of 60/65/70/75/80/85(+5% AP) magic damage each time it strikes an adversary. Each additional ring tick causes 50% more damage. The person wearing the band will be automatically tracked by the circle.

The circle will have an impact on nearby minions and monsters, causing them to move in its direction. The total damage will be magic damage in the range of 300/330/360/390/420/450 (+35% AP).

When The Seal of Samsara is active, the rings’ damage is doubled and they strike foes twice as quickly.

The Seal of Samsara (ulti): A call to the Seal of Samsara has been made. Every time Jin Chan uses his skills to deal damage while performing basic attacks during the duration of the ultimate, 1 charge will be added, up to a maximum of 10. Jin Chan can send forth a massive symbol by activating the ultimate a second time. This consumes all of the charges and deals 400/600/800 (+46%AP) magic damage. Each charge of the ultimate raises this base damage by 8%, up to a maximum of 80%.

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