PGL Major Antwerp Smoke Bug – Survival Of The Fittest Or Cheating?

Nowadays, PGL Major Antwerp 2022 is one of the biggest CSGO events. From the 9th to the 22nd of May, elite teams will go against each other and try to determine the current leader of the CSGO scene.

However, the latest circumstances have divided the CSGO community into two groups – the ones who are against the use of in-game bugs for advantage-gaining purposes, and those who appreciate the advantage.

The Incident Recap

The problem was noticed when a single video of G2 player “m0NESY” went viral. In the video, he is using the “smoke bug” to hide from opponents and to kill them one by one.

Nobody is sure how this bug came to be: in case of smoke in the area (from the enemy smoke grenade or the ambient smoke), the use of a smoke grenade would create a certain aura of invisibility, where the player was hidden from enemies, being completely invisible while seeing them clearly during the whole time.

The video caused a lot of conversation within the community and lightning up the portals and forums, where fans debated the ethics behind G2’s player actions. Moreover, they discussed as to how severe the sanction should be in case there was a need for him to receive any.

Furthermore, there was a debate about what the teams should do in the upcoming days of the tournament, considering how big of an impact the bug could have on the matches.

A lot of people had conflicted opinions, but what mattered most was what the heads of the PGL Major would say. Everyone waited for their call and it came as quite a shock when they announced that using the bug would be completely legal until fixed.

There are certainly many questions behind their way of thinking, but what happened next was a true testament to the fair-play spirit that the CSGO community has been trying to create and preserve, one that they should be proud of.

The Problem Resolved

Many were worried that once the bug was “legal”, the game would suffer and that the integrity of the event would be compromised.

However, the remaining teams made a pact, promising that they would not use the existing bug, which was received with utter respect by the fans. Later poll numbers showed that way more people in the audience disapproved of the misuse of the current situation.

Luckily, not much time passed until the Valve was able to fix the bug and save the tournament’s reputation. Now that PGL Major can be continued without issues, it was decided that no retroactive punishment would be applied to the players since they were unaware of the bug’s existence before the matches.

With the future matchups in front of us, it will be interesting to see how things will play out in the next couple of days, and if the teams will be able to put the incident behind them completely.