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In China, many things are different. We don't want to digress into politics at this point. Regardless of external circumstances, China is still considered one of the most important eSports destinations in the world.

Every month, a so-called eSport Blast is published with the most relevant information about the industry, games, eSport teams and eSport betting. We took a look at the latest issue and summarized the most relevant facts compactly in the news.

Downward trend yes – eSport nevertheless at top level

The eSport figures prove a financial downward trend. In the first half of the year, the Chinese iGaming industry generated a turnover of 76.5 billion yen. Compared to 2021, this is a drop of over 10 percent. In terms of valuation, this figure should nevertheless be viewed as positive.

In the first six months of 2022, however, there has once again been a rigorous Corona course by the communist government in China. Numerous planned live events were canceled. On the other hand, it is positive that the LPL and the Naraka Bladepoint Grand Final have already been played in front of an audience again.

We therefore expect the industry's sales figures to pick up again in the second half of 2022.

New man at the top of eSports

Significant is likely to be a personnel change at the top of the General Administration of Sport of China. The organization was led by Gou Zhongwen between 2016 and 2022. The time was not really ideal for eSports players in China. Zhongwen was not really considered a supporter and promoter of eSports.

The scene has been partially mired in the different orientations of the General Sports Administration, the Cultural Department, and the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China.

Gou Zhongwen has now been replaced, as is customary in China without an official explanation. The new man at the helm of GAoS is Gao Zhidan, who previously acted as vice director. China's eSports teams are hoping for positive changes.

At the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, eSports will be represented as a separate discipline. The games are seen by eSports officials as the first indication of whether Gao Zhidan is really willing to move the Chinese eSports scene forward. The games include Dota 2, League of Legends and FIFA.

Highest prize pool in history at Tencent Global Summit

Allan Zhang, General Manager of the Tencent TiMi Esports Center, has also gone public with information that has caused a stir not only in China. The upcoming Tencent Global Esports Summit will break all records financially. The tournament will feature a prize money of 10 million US dollars. For the mobile game Honor of Kings, this is an absolute record in China.

The Honor of Kings World Champion Cup (KCC) 2022 will feature 16 teams from the China King Pro League as well as other Asian regions. The top tournament is scheduled for the end of the year.

Player cards ala NBA now also in eSports

Chinese game publisher and eSports operator NetEase has gone public with a very special idea. NetEase wants to launch the first Identity V League (IVL) player cards in the coming weeks. The company was inspired by the NBA, where player cards are extremely popular with fans and an important source of revenue for clubs.

NetEase wants the Identity V League teams to share in the revenue. Ultimately, this should result in a win-win situation.

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