IEM Katowice 2022 – G2 Grabs The Last Playoff Spot

One of the biggest CS: GO events, #IEMKatowice, started on February 15th and will end on the 27th of the same month. On that night, the two best teams in the tournament will clash against each other in the grand finals in pursuit of adding the prestigious “IEM Katowice Champions” trophy in their cabinets.

This year’s event marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning of a great #Esports era. The tournament held in Katowice has gained legendary status among the CS:GO fans, and becoming a Katowice champion is a huge deal for every organization out there. The team which manages to rise to the top of the mountain gets well-deserved respect and recognition from the esports community.

Out of 24 teams that started the competition, only 6 have remained. NaVi and Heroic, who have earned their ticket to the semi-finals, are waiting for the playoff bracket results to know their next opponents. From the playoff — FaZe Clan facing Gambit Esports and G2 going against Virtus Pro — the fate of the teams will be decided.

Live Excitement And Esports Betting

All the teams mentioned above possess many talented players and high-level abilities, which making it difficult to predict the possible outcomes, so esports bookmakers will have their plates full on February 25th, when the first playoff match starts. No matter which team is your favorite, great entertainment is guaranteed, and if just watching is not enough for you, placing a bet on your team is a great way to add excitement.

Many websites will offer you fair odds, and allow you to have a wonderful betting experience without having to worry about things like personal information security or money withdrawal.

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The best thing about esports betting websites is that all of them grant you a signing bonus, so you can bet and earn way more money than you initially had in mind. Also, by placing bets on your favorite CS: GO teams you will be forced to think more strategically, consider multiple different outcomes, and just take a more serious approach towards esports in general.

The Conclusion

Regardless of who will you be supporting in the upcoming weekend, one thing is sure – the ceiling in Spodek Arena in Katowice may not be enough to contain the energy from thousands of fans ready to unleash their voices in order to express their happiness for witnessing one of the biggest esports happenings of the year.

At this moment, the best six teams of IEM Katowice 2022 are taking a well-deserved break before they get the chance to go against each other. Until one team gets the privilege of being crowned as champion, there will be many exciting and nerve-wracking matchups.

Regardless of the outcomes, the only way to lose will be to miss out on them.