RLCS EU Fall Cup – Rotterdam Major Secured for the New Regional Champs Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp are the sole winners of the European Fall Cup after another amazing weekend! After placing eighth in the Swiss Stage, they had a tremendous run through the bracket, defeating Team BDS, Moist Esports, and Quadrant to win the championship.

Kamine Corp has also secured its place at the Rotterdam Fall Major, making them the first European team to do so. A number of teams with a preponderance of French players have won RLCS competitions, and the team of Axel #Vatira Touret, Amine #itachi Benayachi, and Brice #ExoTiik Bigeard is the latest.

Vatira Situation

Vatira, one of the greatest players in the world and the Spring Major champions, made the well-discussed choice to depart Moist Esports during the offseason. He did it in order to play for Karmine Corp., a dream team for any French athlete.

He has so far been right about that choice. Karmine Corp. is one of only two teams to have won an event, is the first European team to win the Major, and has twice defeated Moist Esports. Moist Esports has lost to us twice in the semifinals, eliminating them from the competition.

Karmine Corp was also guided to success by Vatira, who topped the squad in various statistical categories. He was the leader in game statistics such as shots (3.29), shooting percentage (31.20%), goals (1.03), saves (1.82), and Octane Rating (1.162). It was one of the best streaks of the year so far, highlighted by the victory-clinching average of 1.00 goals per game on Championship Sunday.

Before the 2022 ends…

There is only the Fall Invitational left in this Split. There are still 16 teams vying for the four remaining Major slots, and Europe’s is in two weeks. As a result of the tiebreaker between HEET, Team GO, and Williams Resolve, one of them will be removed on Thursday.

For the Fall Invitational, Monkeys, Solary, and Soniqs are all automatically qualified, and all three are still in the running for the Major. However, none of them are in charge of their own fates, so they’ll probably require assistance to travel to Rotterdam and win the Grand Final.

Many teams, including the current World Champions Team BDS and the Spring Major qualifiers Team Liquid from last year, can clinch with a Regional victory. This group of teams also includes Tundra Esports, GamersFirst, Aogiri, Evil Geniuses, and Team Vitality, all of which have displayed impressive play at various stages during this Split. If other outcomes go their way, they might all qualify with a result other than a victory.

In order to qualify on their own, Quadrant, who have already advanced to a semifinal and a grand final this season, simply have to place ninth through eleventh. Even if they didn’t advance further in the Playoffs, that would imply achieving two victories in the Swiss Stage.

The Fall Open champions Oxygen Esports require a fifth- to eighth-place finish to ensure qualification for Rotterdam, which entails making the Playoffs. Moist Esports, who have already advanced to the semifinals of both Regional competitions, must finish in the top four to guarantee their place. All of these teams can still qualify if other outcomes go in their favor, but they will be aiming to achieve it independently.

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