RLCS Fall Split – ApparentlyJack Proves His Worth

The Fall Split’s online part has been completed for half of the world’s regions, and the first group of teams headed to #Rotterdam has been selected. It was easy for some. Others had a dramatic and anxious voyage.

But, one player had the biggest single impact when it comes to his team.

#ApparentlyJack Defends His Reputation

Jack always seemed to have wisdom beyond his years. People told tales of him arriving during LAN grind sessions hours before everyone else. He had already found out how to manage being a top-tier professional and a well-known content provider by the age of 18. He is one of the few rising talents who appears to approach his job with the respect it deserves.

While Jack’s first genuine attempt at a competitive lineup with Scrub Killa and Joreuz on Dignitas had some highlights, it ultimately failed for a very straightforward reason: after some time, he claimed on Rizzo’s Chalked podcast, they simply stopped wanting to play together.

All of Dignitas’ players have appeared to be shells of their old selves ever since Arsenal decimated them in a reverse sweep during the Winter Major, so everyone anticipated that they would break apart going into this season. Jack had already demonstrated that he was the kind of player you would build a competitive club around, but he was unable to locate teammates who were as motivated to toil as he was.

Until now. The roster for Gen.G Mobil1 Racing initially appeared to be a collection of oddball toys, including a player whose team failed to make the playoffs midway through the season, a player who was benched following the Winter Split and was on the verge of retiring before finding success with Karmine Corp, and a player from North America who was on the bubble.

Sure, there was potential, but few were hoping for the club to succeed right away. However, Gen.G has dominated North America from the start of the season in a way that demands respect and is extremely upsetting for supporters of anyone else in the region (they double-teamed Spacestation Gaming, my team).

What’s Next For Jack?

They’ll enter the Major with the No. 1 North American and No. 2 overall seeds, and along with recently formed rivals FaZe Clan and French powerhouse Karmine Corp, they appear to be the favorites to take home the trophy in the Netherlands.

Both of those teams have potential all-time greats on their rosters in Firstkiller and Vatira, who may end up being the two greatest Rocket League players in history.

You wouldn’t imagine that someone like that was on the current Gen.G roster to challenge them like they did last year. But Jack has established himself in that same class with to his blend of offensive potency, support play for the young mechy magician Chronic, and off-the-pitch leadership and chemistry.

He has been striving for years to get in this position, and now he has everything he requires close by. Don’t be shocked if his dedication to his profession results in him winning his first LAN championship.

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