Washington Justice and Vancouver Titans end their run in Overwatch League Summer Showdown

Even though the current Overwatch League tournament is called the Summer Showdown, fans have only been able to see frigid eliminations in the Great North. The first day of the tournament was all about seeding and moving up brackets, whereas today’s games eliminated a few teams from the live event in Toronto, Canada.

The Summer Showdown, which offers a first-place reward of $75,000 as well as additional League Points that will decide postseason participation and seeding, was initially entered by eight West Region clubs. However, two teams are only taking their Tim Hortons receipts home with them. This is how day two unfolded.

Vancouver Titans vs Florida Mayhem (3-0)

After being defeated 0-3 by the Houston Outlaws on day one of the Summer Showdown, many observers and fans anticipated the Florida Mayhem to emotionally withdraw from the competition. However, the Mayhem were able to bounce back and preserve their tournament chances.

At the heart of this game was a clash between Aspire of the Vancouver Titans, one of the league’s top hitscan players despite his team’s dismal record, and Florida’s two clutch DPS players, hitscan Hydron and flex Checkmate. Florida had a dominant first round on the first map, Lijiang Tower, but Aspire knocked them to the bottom in round two. In spite of the shock, the Mayhem recovered and captured the map.

Washington Justice vs Toronto Defiant (3-1)

The boisterous cheers of the Toronto fans undoubtedly lifted the Defiant’s morale as well as their performance, despite the fact that the hometown heroes were defeated by the London Spitfire on day one.

Toronto has previously displayed inconsistency and a chaotic appearance; something has improved inside their ranks just in time. On most maps, the Defiant seemed to be the superior force against the Washington Justice. The DPS pair of Heesu and Although from Toronto completely destroyed Lijiang Tower by tearing through the backline.

On Paraso, the Defiant’s incredible aggression resulted in a quick completion, but Decay, Washington’s constant clutch king, hustled hard and captured Justice at the same time. But when both teams ran it back for a second round, Toronto easily defeated Washington and they appeared to be in chaos.

Washington awoke on Circuit Royal, denying the Defiant a map completion and surviving their onslaught because Decay and Assassin were finally recognized as their typical selves. The joy was fleeting, though, as Toronto returned to work on the last map, Colosseo, and defeated the Justice 3-1 by outplaying them.

What Comes Next?

The Toronto Defiant and Florida Mayhem will have new difficulties to overcome tomorrow, while the Vancouver Titans and Washington Justice came to an end of their journey in this tournament.

Three lower bracket elimination matches make up Day 3 of the Summer Showdown. The Defiant will play the Houston Outlaws at 1 CT, and the Mayhem will play the London Spitfire at 2:30 CT. After those games, two more teams will be returned to the United States.

At 4 o’clock, we return to the winner’s bracket, where the San Francisco Shock and Dallas Fuel will square off. One team will advance directly to the Sunday grand finals, but the losing team will take control of the lower bracket’s raids. Their future opponents will be determined by a second game at 5:30, which will also eliminate another team from the competition.

The East Region bracket’s elimination rounds get off at 5 a.m. CT, as the Philadelphia Fusion and Guangzhou Charge compete for a place in the lower semifinals.

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