League of Legends Rumors – G2 Might Lose Two Star Players By The End of the Year

Even though League of Legends Worlds 2022 is still ongoing, it appears that player departure rumors have already begun to circulate.

Popular journalist LEC Wooloo said in a tweet on October 19, 2022, that #Jankos and #Flakked were “free to examine their alternatives” for the 2023 campaign.

After a somewhat inconsistent 2022 season, it appears neither member will be a part of G2 Esports the next year. The #Flakked’s lack of growth is not all that shocking considering that he is a rookie professional who joined the squad during the 2022 preseason and has had really unimpressive performances.

But, #Jankos has been a part of G2 Esports for a very long time, and he enjoys the same amount of fame as #Caps and #Perkz. He was a member of the G2 Esports team that won MSI 2019 and is regarded as the best western jungler of all time.

G2 Looking for ADC & Jungler

The League of Legends community has undoubtedly been shocked by the news that #Jankos and #Flakked are departing G2 Esports. Given his position, gamers are finding it difficult to deal with the current events involving #Jankos. No other player has been able to achieve this degree of success for Europe in the competitive gaming scene related to the game up to this date.

#Jankos is still regarded highly now because to his unrivaled work ethic and playing intelligence. Many people won’t be able to accept his departure from G2 Esports because his name has grown associated with the roster.

In contrast, #Flakked, who joined the team during the 2022 preseason, contributed satisfactorily. During the League of Legends LEC 2022 Spring Split, which G2 Esports ultimately won, he performed adequately. Unfortunately, he did not exhibit any symptoms of recovery.

Jankos’ future in G2

Regarding the reasons G2 might be trying to replace #Jankos, there are two possibilities. The first is that they want to hire a new jungler, #Jankos, who is 27 and more accustomed to playing in the present day.

In this regard, G2 Esports may want to consider additional European junglers like #Elyoya. The professional could boost the roster’s depth and the variety of team gameplay choices.

The second factor could be #Jankos’ decision to retire. He is pretty senior and has a highly popular Twitch channel. In reality, this rationale may seem more believable given that G2 Esports would not benefit from abruptly replacing #Jankos.

In any event, this raises the issue of potential replacements for the two players. Since #Elyoya is presently the greatest jungler in the European League of Legends scene, he seems like the most likely choice for #Jankos.

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