League of Legends – G2 Esports Roster Changes

#G2Esports had a respectable season this year after a lackluster 2021 campaign, winning the #LECSpring, competing at #MSI, and placing second in the #LECSummer.

Despite their successes, G2 hasn’t been the undisputed leader they were when they were the top team in Europe, especially when Worlds rolled around. They finished 1-5 in group play this year with only one win, and they never seemed to be able to compete with the Asian powerhouses.

The season’s underwhelming conclusion compelled G2 to make significant squad changes. Here are all the adjustments G2 is likely to make to its roster for the 2023 campaign.

Who Will Leave G2?

There were reports that G2 might make changes in 2023 before the League of Legends 2022 World Championship was over.

Some supporters focused on the bot lane, which was seen as the weakest lane in the team, and in particular ADC Victor #Flakked Lirola Tortosa. Along with him, the jungle position appeared to be worse than anticipated, which was apparent when playing against elite teams like JD Gaming and DWG Kia.

According to the news, both Flakked and seasoned jungler Jankos were let to consider their alternatives before the Worlds quarterfinals started. Jankos announced in a YouTube video a few days later that he would leave G2 after the conclusion of the current campaign. He had hoped to settle in the LEC, but given the extent of his contract buyout, it appears he won’t be participating in the 2023 Spring Split.

“I don’t think it will be easy for me this year to get to a fair wage plus a buyout from G2 because my contract is expensive,” Jankos stated.

While not signing up for an LEC starting roster, Flakked apparently verbally agreed to play for Team Heretics Academy in the Spanish LVP.

Raphael #Targamas Crabbé’s departure for Excel Esports was unexpected, despite the fact that both the Flakked and the Jankos movements were anticipated. Considering that the Belgian support player was a rookie in 2022, he had a good season. Despite the fact that he was one of Europe’s top supports, G2 chose to cut ties with him.

G2 Future Moves

According to the esports media, G2 made an unusual choice to replace Targamas by attempting to reassign their former support player Mikyx. At the conclusion of the previous offseason, the Slovenian player was granted the chance to explore for new opportunities, but no team was in a position to sign him because of the same problem Jankos confronts this season: a high buyout price.

Prior to the start of the summer playoffs, XL later acquired him, and he is now switching with Targamas to rejoin the club. Hans Sama, a former Team Liquid ADC who chose to return to Europe following a dismal season in North America, will join Mikyx.

At the end of 2021, the French player departed Rogue to join what was billed as a powerhouse team that included players like Bwipo, Bjergsen, and CoreJJ. Liquid failed to qualify for Worlds, which was held in TL’s home region and in which they were unable to win a domestic championship in either of the two splits.

As a result, the company decided to disband the super team. Hans Sama therefore quit the team and became a free agent in September. He will now be playing for G2 as the starting ADC.

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