League of Legends – Patch 12.20 Changes – Maokai and Aatrox Finally Slowed Down

If you have ever played a single League of Legends match in your life, you probably know the frustration of being easily dominated by an overpowered champion.

Luckily, Riot Games took the issue into consideration, and worked to fix some of the unfair advantages that can occur simply by choosing a hero. Without adjusting some of the strongest selections in the meta, a League of Legends patch wouldn’t be complete.

Riot Phroxzon, head designer for League’s preseason balancing team, identified the three champions who would get nerfs along with Patch 12.20 on October 19.

Two of these champions, who are presently the top two most-played champions in the group stage, have totally dominated the Worlds meta.

What comes with the changes?

Players and fans alike anticipated that Aatrox and Maokai will receive some sort of nerf in a future patch, and that patch will be Patch 12.20.

Aatrox will no longer passively heal 100% of the damage he deals, repairing only 80% instead. His durability makes him a threat in both the laning phase and team battles.

Maokai, who also heals himself a lot, will do so less through his passive at all ranks, and at max rank, his ultimate will have a longer cooldown.

Interestingly, Sett, who hasn’t been seen in the meta for a while but has been used a decent amount as a support, is the other top lane champion to receive nerfs. His passive health regeneration and magic resist are being slightly reduced, while the basic AD ratio on his right punch is being significantly increased.

Lethal Tempo has always been a crucial building block for marksman champions since it may provide them increased range even while employing simple attacks. The keystone, however, will no longer give ranged champions a range advantage over melee champions that carry this rune; instead, it will now just grant 50 additional range to all champions.

The only thing that has been specifically nerfed in this patch is Frozen Heart. The tank-focused item’s Rock Solid passive now reduces damage at a base of five and costs 2,700 gold rather than 2,500. Players will receive additional armor as compensation.

League’s Patch 12.20 will include a number of changes that may now be tested on the PBE realm of the game. It will be interesting to see how the players react to all the changes mentioned above.

Prior to being implemented on live servers, these modifications are still subject to potential change.

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